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Security is of prime importance when placing your personal belongings in storage, whether for a short period of time or a more long-term stay. Though selecting a facility with added measures may cost a bit more, peace of mind in knowing your prized possessions are well protected is, ultimately, priceless.

These components can range from alarmed units, video surveillance and gated access to features such as smoke detectors, fire alarms and provisions for accidental damage prevention. Certain facilities may offer on-site resident management, as well as the option to purchase unit insurance in the event of loss or theft. This is typically in the form of a separate policy on top of the basic rent, taking in natural events and the damage associated with them. 

The Price of Security

Each security system should include an entry/exit keypad, complete with intercoms, stands and access-control hardware. Most multi-story facilities typically have 10 to 15 keypads with intercoms, pinhole cameras and card readers, and therefore require a higher access-control hardware budget than normal—a cost generally passed along to the consumer. 

Other, more pricey, add-ons include cameras that monitor temperature or read license plates, as well as automated sliding gates, with an accompanying operator. On the alarm front, hardwired door models are the least expensive, while wireless are mid-range, and electronic locking solutions top out at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. 

Certain advanced security software has the ability to interact with the management program to lock out past-due tenants, and subsequently, assign new tenant-access codes. 

Key Criteria

Before selecting a storage facility, it’s important to visit the site prior to committing, and request to speak with management to better familiarize yourself with the safety provisions in place, as well as those of the surrounding neighborhood. Take note if the grounds are well tended, the structure is intact and in decent condition, and observe security measures in action. 

Some things to pay attention to include: fencing condition; any security checkpoints at the facility; locking mechanisms for doors; police presence, or proximity to such; surveillance cameras; lighting at night; and any record of visitors and/or security footage. Speaking with current patrons often provides the best and most credible insight. 

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