The Steinway Solution for NYC Moving & Storage Services

The Steinway Solution for NYC Moving & Storage Services

When it comes to relocating your home or business, the majority of focus is understandably on the prospect of packing and moving; but storage services may be another avenue to consider, especially if you’re in need of a bit of extra room during the transition.

When exploring storage options, there are several important factors to weigh. From security and temperature control to time frame and price points, let’s explore what comes into play when selecting the facility right for your particular needs.

The Price of Protection

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Placing your valuables in a storage facility necessitates a couple of vital points, number one on the list being adequate security to ensure peace of mind

While you most certainly get what you pay for, measures typically range from alarmed units, video surveillance and gated access to smoke detectors and fire alarms to provide protection from accidental damage. At an increased cost, certain facilities may also offer on-site resident management for more advanced security

Storage unit insurance is available to purchase, in the event any belongings are lost or stolen. Most will require a separate policy on top of rent, which typically covers incidents such as theft, fire and windstorms. Additional coverage may be required to take in natural events such as flooding, earthquakes, mold, mildew, vermin, and other issues related to lack of maintenance. 

It’s important to discuss these terms up front to determine if a particular facility meets your expectations, in terms of adequately protecting your belongings. 


The Perfect Temp for Preservation

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Climate control is crucial when it comes to minimizing damage to precious possessions, as these items have a tendency to warp and develop mold when exposed to unstable elements. 

Temperature-controlled storage units are ideal for belongings such as photographs and scrapbooks, furniture, antiques, artwork, instruments, sports equipment, electronic devices and their associated media, appliances, and clothing. 

Though these may be pricier—sometimes 25% to 50% more than other units—and are often available in limited sizes, they are recommended to stave off extreme heat, cold, and humidity. Ideal climate for most belongings ranges between 55 to 85 degrees, though the length of time in storage will factor into this as well. 

An Ideal Short-Term Solution

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For those in between moves or in the midst of a home improvement project, temporary storage may be the key to alleviating the stress associated with finding a place for your belongings.

Generally defined as three months or less, this short-term option may equate to more money per month, though those companies which specialize in such services will tend to price out their packages more fairly to accommodate custom requests. A month-to-month arrangement is ideal in cases where the length of time storage will be required is in question.

Before reserving the space, consider how much space you will require, and what type of storage location and access will be most convenient. The size and shape of boxes will dictate how much can be fit in a compact environment, as will the type of items you elect to store. Best practice is to focus on those nonessential pieces such as furniture and home decor, household appliances, seasonal clothing, lawn equipment, and miscellaneous entertainment items. Avoid storing clothing and toiletries you will need frequent access to, as well as kitchen utensils, perishables and small electronics. 


On the Go: Storage Solutions for Your Home or Office

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Whether in the process of moving to a new residence, or relocating your commercial headquarters, a common thread is that we all tend to accumulate a lot of 'stuff,' most of which will need to be sorted through at some point during the transition process. 


Whether your business is expanding or has simply outgrown its current location, it may become necessary to store excess supplies and equipment, particularly during a designated off-season. This can be ideal for those in the construction, landscaping, roofing, contracting, retail and commerce, restaurant and catering industries. 

In certain cases, mobile storage facilities can even double as a pseudo-headquarters, providing a base for certain specialties, including content developers, handymen, sellers of small products, vintage furniture retail, video producers, photo studios, and auto mechanics. By keeping rental costs down, this option is ideal for those in between storefronts, or just beginning to establish a footing in the business world. 

When it comes to residential storage services, securing a safe place for equipment, vehicles, and to stow extra inventory is a fairly common need, especially among the younger generation just starting out on their own. 

According to consumer trends, most clients are female, and profess a need for storing personal belongings, either en route to larger housing or as a semi-permanent extension of their property. For these individuals, special amenities are far more important than price point, as added security measures and insurance outweigh other considerations. 


The Long Haul: Transit Options

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Depending upon the distance from your current locale to the new destination, it may be in your best interest to rent a portable moving container to facilitate the transport of belongings, as this can double as a storage container before and after the big day. The cost will depend on the length of time needed, as well as the size of the container required. 

When storing items for any length of time, or transporting them a great distance, it’s imperative to research any restrictions which may come into play. Hazardous items such as gasoline, fertilizers, paint, chemicals, fireworks, explosives, narcotics, and propane tanks are undeniably off limits. It’s also recommended that you thoroughly clean all items prior to storage, to avoid the infiltration of mold and mildew. 

When packing away, create an inventory list of all belongings, and try to keep them organized by category—keep one copy of this list handy and accessible, and place the other in the storage unit. Clear plastic bins are preferable to sealed boxes; but if you must use the latter, be sure to label them carefully. Disassemble larger items to save space and protect from wear and tear; heavier parts on bottom, more fragile pieces on top. 


The Steinway Storage Solution

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Steinway Moving & Storage may be known for its stellar residential and commercial moving capabilities, but its storage services are an added incentive for those looking for the “complete package” in one provider. 

Steinway’s facility is carefully inventoried using a state-of-the-art barcoding system, and all belongings are expertly wrapped to keep them clean, secure, and free of pests and rodents. The building is temperature-controlled and surrounded by a chain-link fence, and security is enhanced by active personnel on site. 

Additionally, Steinway has access to alternate storage facilities throughout the United States and Canada, as well as numerous distribution options for your possessions, no matter their destination.

For further information, contact Steinway Moving & Storage today.