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Commercial storage services are especially useful for businesses undergoing an expansion or that have outgrown their current location due to an accumulation of seldom-used supplies and equipment.

These types of facilities are ideal for industries such as construction, landscaping, roofing, contracting, retail, commerce, restaurants, and catering, as they may serve as a convenient drop-off point for seasonal wares, excess inventory, and—as in the case of temperature-controlled unitseven food products! 

In certain instances, commercial storage units can even double as a sort of home base for those in between storefronts, particularly within specialty services such as vintage furniture, clothing retail, or auto mechanics. 

The Storage Advantage

Generally speaking, renting a storage unit will almost always be less expensive than building on to your existing headquarters, or being forced to relocate to a larger space altogether. By retaining your office, you can instead turn your attention to systematically consolidating and reorganizing, relegating less-vital items to storage, and subsequently, freeing up much-needed space on-site. 

Most commercial facilities are located within bustling business districts, making for easy access at any time of the day or night. This is particularly useful if you wish to store important documents and properly catalog them off-premises. Chances are, these will not be among the items requiring daily access, and so can be safely stored with minimal concern. 

Features & Benefits

Be sure to look into the security features of the commercial storage facility, especially if you plan to store sensitive paperwork. Cost is typically higher for added measures, such as round-the-clock surveillance and gated access, but renting such a unit will undoubtedly run you less than renting a comparable commercial warehouse space for the same purpose. 

Temperature control, as well, will likely be more expensive; however, this is a small price to pay for the security of knowing your documents—or produce!—is being well preserved via consistent monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. This is also useful when it comes to storing electronics and similar materials, as any infiltration of moisture will assuredly spell trouble. 

Whether your commercial storage needs are temporary, seasonal, or perhaps a bit more long term in nature, contact Steinway Moving & Storage for further information on the options available to you.

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