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Temporary storage can be a useful solution for businesses in the midst of moving, residents in the throes of a home improvement project, or those looking to keep excess inventory off premises.

Whether for a few months, or an even shorter interval, having a safe, secure locale in which to store your belongings—whether corporate files or personal keepsakes—is an ideal way to alleviate the stress often associated with any type of relocation or renovation. 

A Short-Term Solution

Typically defined as a period of three months or less, fees for temporary storage may equate to more money than traditional, long-term contracts; however, a number of companies specialize in these types of packages, offering month-to-month arrangements in situations where a specific time frame may be in question. 

To determine if this is the right fit for you, be sure to consider the space required, and what type of access will be most convenient for the duration. The size and shape of boxes will play a role, as will the types of items you plan to store. It’s advisable to focus on nonessential pieces of furniture and home decor, appliances, seasonal clothing, lawn equipment, and miscellaneous entertainment items you will not likely have a need for in the short term. 

Avoid storing items such as in-season clothing, toiletries, perishables, and anything you may require continuous access to. 

Corporate Consolidation

As much as individuals can accumulate substantial quantities of what can only be described as stuff, so too can your average office environment. Rather than be forced to relocate to a larger locale, or purchase warehouse space to store overstock items, temporary storage may prove to be a far more economical solution

Boxes of old files, discarded computer parts, and overstock items are but just a few of the elements that can be better served off-site, clear of the accumulation of office clutter. By relocating and taking inventory, you can better prioritize those items that can be consolidated, donated, or perhaps shipped off to an e-cycling facility. 

This is especially efficient for businesses amid large-scale corporate relocations, as temporary storage can eliminate the need to transport unnecessary excess on all fronts. 

Steinway Moving & Storage features state-of-the-art vaulted storage facilities, combining a mix of cutting-edge technology with the reliability of personalized care. All items are inventoried using a barcoding system, and wrapped to keep clean and secure for the duration of their stay. These measures are designed to protect from heat and humidity to pests and rodents. 

For further information on the storage options available, contact Steinway Moving & Storage today.

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