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Not everyone is fortunate to be able to move under ideal circumstances, or at a convenient time when relocating all your personal belongings or corporate files can be easily accomplished. 

For those in transition between locations, the prospect of storing furniture at an off-site facility may be precisely the solution needed to ease the stress associated with ensuring your possessions remain safe, secure, and protected from outside elements and intruders.


Storage Solutions for Those in Transition

Of course, the optimal approach is to take inventory of all furniture and files prior to beginning the moving process, to properly catalogue what needs to be transported, those items that can be sold, donated or discarded, and what—if anything—should be immediately accessible upon settling into your new space. 

If this type of preparation is less than feasible given your particular situation, having a temporary location to store items to be inventoried may alleviate the immediate pressure felt by having to pack up and move out in quick order. Short-term payment options are typically available for those looking to house items for periods of three months or less, and may be able to be further customized based upon your unique needs. 

Some moving companies even offer storage-in-transit options, whereby movers transport, then store your home or office items for a period of time, before off-loading at your new location when most convenient. This consolidates all the necessary steps into one, comprehensive service. “Mini storage” may also be viable, which provides an even shorter-term, month-to-month incentive for scenarios when exact dates remain undefined.


Best Practices for Packing

No matter the duration necessary for storage, the same basic protocol should be followed to determine the best space, features, accessibility, and strategy to maximize your time, money and resources. 

By researching your options thoroughly, you should be able to land on an ideal storage facility to suit your needs. Depending upon the belongings you wish to store, security may be of paramount concern; perhaps climate control is the top priority, or drive-up access at any time of day or night. 

A best practice is to clean all belongings prior to placing them in storage. Take apart any items that can be broken down to consolidate, but take care not to cram too much inside your unit. It’s important to leave room to walk through the rows of boxes; utilizing vertical space can be useful in accomplishing this. 

For those pieces of furniture intended to reside in storage for a longer period of time, it may be wise to protect glass items and fragile objects with bubble wrap, moving blankets, or other soft-textured cloths for an added layer of cushioning. If possible, raise furniture off the floor, stacking those larger, solid objects on the bottom to form a base of support for smaller items. 

If you’re in between moves and exploring the option of storing excess inventory during the transition, contact Steinway Moving & Storage today.

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