Where Should I Retire?

Where Should I Retire?

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Jun 8, 2017 4:52:39 PM

If you've worked hard for years and are now ready to retire, it's time to decide where you should live during retirement. You deserve to live in a city where you will not only feel safe and comfortable, but also will be close to healthcare providers and able to live within your budget. The following cities are frequently on lists describing the best places to settle down in retirement, so you should keep them in mind the next time you wonder, "Where should I retire?"

Orlando, Florida

Orlando Florida

You'll never be bored when you retire in Orlando, Florida. In and around this city you'll find Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and more. This is perfect for retirees who enjoy rides and shows, as well as those who have grandkids who will visit. Orlando is home to over 170 golf courses and several hospitals for your peace of mind.


Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral FloridaPhoto Credit: Westin Cape Coral

If Florida sounds like a good answer to your question of "Where should I retire?" you'll be glad to know you have more than one option when it comes to cities here. Cape Coral is another great place to retire, largely because of the constant sunshine, low crime rate and easy access to great beaches. If you want a room with a view, Cape Coral may be worth looking into.


Tampa, Florida


Yet another great Florida city for retirees is Tampa, which is known for being very affordable and having pleasant weather. Of course, much of it is bordered by nice beaches, so you automatically have a beautiful view when you take a walk or ride a bike around the city. No wonder the quality of life here ranks highly when compared to most other cities.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, ArizonaPhoto Credit: Scottsdale AZ

This popular city has the highest number of residents aged 65 and over for a reason. It has beautiful weather most of the year - with no snow to shovel at any point - and several golf courses, shopping malls, parks, senior centers and public swimming pools. Plus, Scottsdale has a very low crime rate and multiple medical centers, including two highly ranked hospitals.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South DakotaPhoto Credit: Wikimedia

Sioux Falls has been ranked number one when it comes to healthcare, which means it has numerous medical providers and a good reputation for the medical care you can get there. So if you're worried about your health as you go into retirement, Sioux Falls might suit you. It's also known for being affordable, which should be a consideration when you ponder the question, "Where should I retire?"

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