What to Look For in a Company When Moving Fine Art

What to Look For in a Company When Moving Fine Art

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Dec 15, 2015 9:50:53 AM

Fine art has its own set of special needs when being relocated. Whether you’re a private collector or a large commercial gallery, moving your high-valued art should be handled with a meticulous amount of professional care.

It takes a moving company with highly trained, specialized skills to know how to properly package, handle, store and relocate precious items.The right movers for you will have a team of experts that have a specific knowledge of high-valued art.

Here are a few special services to look out for when researching New York moving companies that specialize in moving fine art.

Because when moving fine art or family heirlooms, you can never be too safe.

• Climate-control: Fine art requires optimal temperatures. Ensure that your moving company has climate-controlled transportation and storage services. Keeping temperatures within the art’s tolerance-level is crucial to its preservation.

• Technology on Your Side: With technological advances comes a better, more precise moving service. Find a company that uses onboard sensors to monitor conditions inside of the trailer while keeping a verifiable computer record.

Fine art is valuable, sentimental and, ideally, will live for generations. In order to be certain that your items are in the right hands when relocating, make sure that you research a company that is treats moving as an artform.

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