The Top 12 States Americans Are Flocking To

The Top 12 States Americans Are Flocking To

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Mar 11, 2016 3:42:42 PM

Although a majority of moves happen within the same state (84 percent of them, in fact), many Americans are crossing state lines for various reasons. Thanks to a recent study, we know the top states that have become the most popular destinations.

Moving somewhere else is an exciting endeavor. Think about it: Finding an entirely new place to plant your roots! There’s something about the idea that’s so refreshing.

In this article, Atlas Van Lines looked at 77,705 of their interstate moves and ranked the top 12 U.S. states where Americans moved to set up their new homes.

Here’s the list:

  1. Washington

Number of Inbound Moves: 2,722

Number of Outbound Moves: 2,226

Net Inbound Moves: 496

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 55 percent


  1. Rhode Island

Number of Inbound Moves: 233

Number of Outbound Moves: 180

Net Inbound Moves: 53

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 56.4 percent


  1. Texas

Number of Inbound Moves: 7,077

Number of Outbound Moves: 5,326

Net Inbound Moves: 1,751

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 57.1 percent


  1. Alabama

Number of Inbound Moves: 1,092

Number of Outbound Moves: 819

Net Inbound Moves: 273

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 57.1 percent


  1. Maine

Number of Inbound Moves: 358

Number of Outbound Moves: 260

Net Inbound Moves: 98

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 58 percent


  1. Tennessee

Number of Inbound Moves: 2,077

Number of Outbound Moves: 1,495

Net Inbound Moves: 582

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 58.1 percent


  1. Florida

Number of Inbound Moves: 6,159

Number of Outbound Moves: 4,375

Net Inbound Moves: 1,784

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 58.4 percent


  1. North Dakota

Number of Inbound Moves: 196

Number of Outbound Moves: 139

Net Inbound Moves: 57

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 58.5 percent


  1. Alaska

Number of Inbound Moves: 137

Number of Outbound Moves: 92

Net Inbound Moves: 45

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 59.8 percent


  1. North Carolina

Number of Inbound Moves: 3,422

Number of Outbound Moves: 2,222

Net Inbound Moves: 1,200

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 60.6 percent


  1. Idaho

Number of Inbound Moves: 717

Number of Outbound Moves: 421

Net Inbound Moves: 296

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 63 percent


  1. Oregon

Number of Inbound Moves: 993

Number of Outbound Moves: 555

Net Inbound Moves: 438

Percentage of Moves Inbound: 64.1 percent


If you’re considering leaving our beloved New York (we will miss you!) for a new and exciting adventure in another state, your NYC movers would be happy help make your transition as smooth as possible.

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