Should I Hire Professional Packers?

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Jul 29, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Moving isn’t inexpensive, so it makes sense that people might want to save money whenever possible, but they shouldn't shortchange themselves or they could end up being sorry.

One of the first avenues that some people try to save money on when they move is packing. But is this the best way to go?

Though you might be looking for a firm yes or no, the truth is that it really depends on you, your capabilities, how much time you have for packing and what you have to pack.

Here are some benefits of utilizing professional packers:

They save you time

If you’ve ever packed up an entire house, then you know that packing can double as a full-time job. Many people just don’t have enough hours to spare.

They know how to pack heavy or awkward items

Try figuring out how to pack a large mirror. You don't want it break and bring you years of bad luck! Most people quickly realize they don’t have a big enough box for it, so they'll just throw a blanket over the mirror and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this packing method isn’t the way to go. Professionals know exactly how to keep heavy items like a full-size mirror safe and sound.

They know how to pack delicate items

Sure, anybody can pack a bunch of clothes, but when it comes to your grandmother’s fine china, your entertainment system or other fragile items, things can start getting tricky very fast. Professionals know what they're doing.

But sometimes, hiring professional packers isn’t necessary. Here are some instances:

You aren’t moving a lot of items

If you’re a single person moving from one apartment to another, odds are you probably don’t have many tricky items that need to be handled with care. You might be able to get away with DIY-ing your packing project.

You are well-versed in packing

If you’re a packing genius, you know how to pack your breakable belongings. You have the right boxes and the proper protective materials. If this is your skill set, you might be able to get away with packing your fragile items yourself. But the risk is on you.

Make sure you evaluate your inventory and your capabilities so you can decide which route to take when it's time to pack up and go. Chances are, you'll choose the professionals to get the packing done right.

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