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Popular NYC Apartment Types From Your NYC Movers

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Feb 23, 2016 9:45:11 AM

New York City is all about style.

All kinds of style.

Here, individuality is key – and NYC apartments follow suit.

As NYC movers, we have seen all kinds of apartments. The good, the bad, and the… not so good.

We pride ourselves on being unofficial New York tour guides. So we find it our obligation to not only help New Yorkers move to their new destinations, but to also help them find those destinations as only a New Yorker could.

Following are some common apartment types to help you on your search for the perfect place:


One-Bedroom – An apartment with one “true” bedroom, meaning that the bedroom has a window, closet and door, and enough room to fit a dresser and bed. One-bedrooms also have a living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Two-Bedroom – Similar to the one-bedroom in most senses, with an additional “true” bedroom.

Townhouse – The closest thing to living in a house in New York City, a townhouse typically offers amenities such as a private backyard and an eat-in kitchen. Some townhouses remain single-family homes, while others have been split up to create a multi-unit building.

Brownstone – A specific style of townhouse made of brown sandstone.

Walkup – With six floors or less, a walkup building has no elevator. Best for those in good physical condition, you have to walk up (and down) to your apartment every day – sometimes with groceries.

Railroad – A straight floor plan, with one room leading directly into another. There are generally no hallways, so you have to walk through each room to get to the next. If apartment hunting with roommates, buyer beware: the railroad style can get old quickly, as there is no true privacy with everyone shuffling in and out of your personal space.

Studio – One room with a full bathroom and a kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen can be a bit separated from the rest of the apartment.

Micro Studio – First introduced in spring 2015, micro studios range from 230-360 square feet and have big windows, ample storage space, kitchenettes, and balconies.

Loft – One large, open living space, typically converted from an industrial building. Featuring high ceilings and large windows, lofts are becoming increasingly more popular now that new buildings are constructing apartments with loft-esque floor plans.

Co-Op – With co-ops, the entire building is owned by a group of people on the property who have purchased shares. Each “owner” may sublet his or her apartment, and potential renters have to go through a rigorous interview process by a board of directors.

Condo – In a condo, each unit is owned privately, while the common areas (lobby, hallway, etc.) are owned collectively by the tenants. Rental applications are typically interviewed by the condo board.

Duplex – Apartment style with two separate adjoining floors connected by an interior, private staircase. These units can be unique in that sometimes the second floor is made for sleeping only, whereas in another duplex, the second floor could contain an actual full floor and bathroom.

For more valuable information and tips on apartment hunting in New York City, including important apartment terminology, affordable neighborhoods and tips on how to find your perfect apartment, download your free copy of the Ultimate Apartment Hunting Guide for New York City.

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