An NYC Moving Company Makes Organization Even More Organized

A NYC Moving Company Makes Organization Even More Organized

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Jan 4, 2016 3:18:10 PM

There’s a special art to organizing a move – and it comes with the territory of being a professional moving company in NYC.

Because New Yorkers just don’t settle for less.

In a city as fast-paced, competitive and forward-thinking as New York, moving companies need to offer something far superior than the competition to make it here. That’s why Steinway Moving & Storage has created an organizational tool so simple and yet so ingenious that it just makes the lives of those planning a residential move that much easier. It makes the thought of moving all that stuff seem not as daunting as it can be – because you have one simple tool to mark your boxes’ final destinations clear as day: moving labels.

And not just any labels – but color-coded, room-specific (with space to be even more specific) moving labels.

The days of scribbling on boxes or fitting your handwriting in to a teeny little white label are long gone with the introduction of Steinway Moving Labels.

Free with their full packing service, or available for individual purchase, these moving labels help get that final drop-off placement right – the first time. They are color-coded for optimal organization purposes with room specific headers and space to write what types of items are inside.

There are 10 individual label types:

• Kitchen
• Dining Room
• Bathroom
• Family Room
• Living Room
• Do Not Move
• Bedroom (x3)
• Blank

Moving is never the most convenient thing – especially when moving in NYC. But Steinway Moving & Storage makes it their business to bring the best, most streamlined service available.

All with handy colorful labels that may even keep the kids busy.


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