How to Move to Canada: We'll Take You There

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Mar 2, 2016 4:00:00 PM

moving to canada

There’s a well-worn path from New York to Toronto, Canada, where the air is colder, the people a bit heartier, and the healthcare affordable-r. 

Toronto is a thriving city and the fifth most populous in North America, rich in culture and history. The picturesque capital of Ontario, Toronto is a bustling hub of restaurants (over eight thouand of them!), film production (North America'sthird largest venue), and loyal residents. Case in pointThe Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. Yet tickets are consistently sold out.

No wonder people want to move to Canada.

As the world becomes smaller and business opportunities expand into the Great North, New Yorkers are looking for advice on how best to get from here to there.


how to move to canada


Here are a few key factors to consider when moving from New York to Canada ensure a smooth move:

Moving to Canada is not considered an “International Move” in the traditional sense. Because items can be shipped via land, moving companies consider this job out of state, rather than out of country.

The best way to move through customs is to meet the moving van at the nearest customs office to the delivery address with your paperwork-your passport and working papers-to present to customs officials.

“arduous and potentially nerve-wracking experience into -dare I say it- pleasurable and fun!” says one of our valued customers

Steinway Moving & Storage, as a partner agency with Atlas Van Lines, is an experienced mover between these locations.  According to one of our valued customers we moved from New York to Toronto, we were able to turn an “arduous and potentially nerve-wracking experience into -dare I say it- pleasurable and fun!”

This is because the route from New York to Toronto is a very familiar one to Steinway Moving & Storage. As experienced residential and office movers, we are adept at handling every aspect of this move. We understand the red tape this particular move requires and have the experience and know-how to help our customers navigate it with ease and professionalism. With every single aspect of this move anticipated and planned for, something our customers never foresee is how much fun the actual move can be.

The road is open. The Great North beckons. Steinway Moving & Storage can take you there.


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