Moving Cross Country: What It Costs and When to Go

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Jul 6, 2017 3:33:44 PM

Moving Cross Country: What It Costs and When to Go

Moving across the country is a big undertaking, but there are steps you can take to ensure the trip runs as smoothly as possible. From picking the right time of year to move to creating an accurate budget, these tips can help you complete your exciting move quickly and efficiently.

When to Move

When planning your moving date, consider the weather differences in the locations you are moving from and to. Moving to rural New England in January might seem like a good way to start the new year, but make sure to invest in a nice winter coat! You also need to watch out for local festivals in the area you're moving to, which could lead to heavy traffic or road closures.

How Much Does Moving Cross Country Cost?

The costs of moving cross country vary widely, depending on where you are moving to and from and how much you need to transport. Make sure you get estimates from at least three different companies for your move. They will estimate how much it will cost to make your move, based on the distance you plan to travel and the size of the load you want to bring with you. Once you have multiple estimates, you can make an educated decision.  

Moving Cross Country on a Tight Budget

If your budget is tight, you can cut the costs of moving across the country by taking only the essentials with you. Take the time to clear out your wardrobe and donate old clothes you no longer wear, or which won't be suitable in your new home. Will you really need six pairs of shorts in Alaska, or multiple sets of thermal underwear if you're moving to Florida? Similarly, get rid of sporting equipment that won't be any use in your new location. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to give old, heavy appliances away to friends and family and replace them with new models when you arrive, compared with paying to transport everything you own.

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