Last-Minute Moving Tips

Last-Minute Moving Tips

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Sep 8, 2016 9:53:05 AM

Ideally, you would want at least eight weeks of prep time before your move, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances force you to relocate in a much shorter period.

No need to freak out! It’s been done before!

Here are some tips to help you pull off a last-minute move. Because we know you’re on a tight schedule, even our tips will be quick:


Don’t wait to hire professional movers. Although you’re moving sooner than you intended, you should still compare a couple of movers before you decide on one. Read their customers' reviews. You don’t want to skimp here: quality is important, especially when you’re relocating at an accelerated rate.

Aside from movers, call on family and friends to help you. Loved ones tend to really enjoy helping out, so now is the time to take advantage!


Here’s where your army of helpful family and friends will come in handy. Get rid of as much junk as you can. Go through each room and begin sorting your things into three piles: keep, throw out and donate/sell. You might even be able to arrange a quick garage sale!


You can either have your amateur helpers aid you in packing your things or rely on professional packers. Professionals will get the job done fast and efficiently – they do this every day!


Write down everything that you’ll need to take care of before moving. Which utilities need to be shut down? Do you have any gym memberships you need to cancel or transfer? Come up with a working list of everything you need to handle before you head to your new place, and check it over multiple times.

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