How to Safely Move House Plants

How to Safely Move House Plants

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on May 24, 2017 1:12:13 PM

Moving is tough. Not only do you need to pack up the entire house, but you also worry about what to do with pets and how to handle moving plants. Fragile items can be very difficult to ship properly, and house plants are particularly vulnerable during a move. Due to the fragility of house plants, self transport is the best route to take.

Pack Plants for Self Transport

Before you even start packing up your plants, you'll want to ensure you're allowed to bring them over state lines. Some states and countries will require inspections at the border before you can bring in your houseplants. Once you know you can bring them along, you'll need to start the moving process well before your last day. Follow these steps to get your plants ready for travel.

  1. Re-pot your plants into unbreakable plastic pots. A broken pot while driving is a big mess, and such a situation usually results in a dead plant. To avoid shocking the plant, re-pot it several weeks before moving day.
  2. Prune back any new growth a couple of weeks before the move. This will make the plants smaller and easier to pack.
  3. A week before moving day, check for any insects or pests. If you're going to apply any chemical repellents, now is the time.
  4. Two days before your move, water your plants like normal. If you're moving during the winter, remember that too much water can cause freezing.
  5. Pack your plants in boxes, making sure there is no movement in the shipping container.
  6. Wrap branches with a bed sheet to help protect them.
  7. Load plants carefully into the car and keep them at a comfortable temperature. Always bring them inside overnight if your drive will take more than one day.
  8. When unloading, give your plants a few days to acclimate before you re-pot them.
  9. Watch for signs of transplant shock. No matter how careful you are, some plants respond poorly to the change from one location to another. You can try to heal a plant that looks like it's having trouble, but you may lose one or two during a move.

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