How to Relocate to North Carolina

How to Relocate to North Carolina

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Nov 1, 2017 1:46:25 PM

Making a big move from state to state, or even coast to coast, can be intimidating. North Carolina may be one of the most beautiful states in the continental United States, but that doesn't guarantee an equally beautiful move. Before you get started, remember the big basic questions of When, Where and How to move to North Carolina.

When to Make Your Move

Like most industries, there is a seasonality to real estate. According to a RealtyTrac study, the best month to buy your home is October. That means you'll be moving in after the hot summer months and before any winter weather really sets in. October is one of the top months to buy because:

  • It's before the fall meeting of the Federal Reserve, so before any interest rate hikes take effect.
  • Homes still on the market often mean owners more willing to negotiate on price.
  • You don't have to wait all year to get the tax perks that come with buying a home. After all, you're already near the end of the year.
  • You move in before the holidays so you can celebrate with friends and family from your new home. Plus, you'll have time to get unpacked and decorated in time.

Where to Look for Homes in North Carolina

With a big interstate move, your work will likely dictate the area you shop for a home. However, there are always top counties and neighborhoods that offer all the amenities you might want. Some of the top suburbs in North Carolina also surround the most populous cities: Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. Be sure to look at properties in some of the following areas if you're relocating to North Carolina near the cities.

  • Morrisville
  • Holly Springs
  • Cary
  • Marvin
  • Weddington
  • Waxhaw


How to Handle Relocating to North Carolina

When you get ready to move, you've got a lot of options. You can rent a truck and handle the driving yourself, hire movers and let them handle transport or use some blend of both. No matter how you handle shipping your big items, keep in mind these packing tips to help everything arrive safely at your new home.

1. Dismantle and Disassemble

Large furniture items are much more likely to be damaged during a long drive if you leave them fully assembled. Where possible, remove the legs from furniture, pack glass doors and tops separately and consider full disassembly for items that don't require too much assembly time after the move. When opting with a professional, your movers will happily take care of this stuff for you.

2. Buy Better Boxes

Sure, you could ask a bunch of stores to let you have their empty boxes. It could even save you a couple of dollars on your moving expenses. Unfortunately, it can also leave your things vulnerable to breakage and exposure damage. Quality boxes provide some insulation against heat, humidity and other temperature changes, so anything packed in a flimsy box is inherently more vulnerable. Plus, buying boxes that are all the same size makes it easier to stack them safely on a truck, making the entire load less likely to shift. Of course, when using a professional mover, they'll already have the best boxes available for you.

3. Insure Your Stuff

The last thing you will want, on top of a new mortgage, is the cost of replacing a lot of your things. By carrying comprehensive insurance on furniture and other items, you substantially reduce your risks.

4. Transport Your Own Irreplaceable Items

Things like photographs and one-of-a-kind items or things with deep emotional meaning shouldn't go on the same truck as all the rest of your belongings. Package them with the care they deserve and bring them yourself. That way, you can make sure your most precious belongings arrive safe and sound with the family.

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