How to Plan an Office Move

How to Plan an Office Move

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Aug 18, 2016 1:58:33 PM

Moving your business to a new location? Whether you’re a small office or a big corporation, it’s crucial that you plan out the details of your move beforehand.

Make a Timeline

Create an achievable timeline for your move. When will you be in your new location? What are the necessary steps and/or requirements leading up to it? Determine what needs to be completed days, weeks, or even months before your big day.

Hire Professionals

As a business owner, you know how invaluable trained professionals are to successfully executing important tasks. The same goes for moving offices. Don’t put your business at risk. Entrust professional movers with securing computers and sensitive documents, safeguarding fragile items, and safely transporting office furniture. When moving day comes, you don’t have time for mistakes.

Gather Internal Team Members

For medium to large offices, we recommend having a point person for each division or department assist in coordinating their designated area. This point person can help ensure your employees individually pack up their personal belongings, files and supplies.

For small offices, identify a few key people who can help in the organization of your move.

Have Regular Status Meetings

Don’t leave your staff in the dark. Ensure the best all-around experience possible by keeping your employees apprised of moving dates and times. Help them prioritize, and advise them in how to handle the situation. It might also be beneficial to create a checklist for each staff member to ensure they cover all bases during the moving process. Check out our employee packing checklist for ideas.

Make a Contact List

You’ll want to make sure everyone you do business with is aware of your move. Make a contact list of all your clients and affiliates who will require this information. For your convenience, here are some additional steps to follow to help you keep business going during your office move.


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A-1 First Class Commercial Move Planning Guide EBook

Small offices should begin planning for a move at least three months ahead of time. Medium to large offices should begin planning at least six to eight months in advance.

6-12 Months Beforehand:
Select a site and develop options that meet the criteria for your new location.

6-8 Months In Advance:
Begin preparing for your move.

3-6 Months Prior:
Develop the site and coordinate a construction timeline.

6 Weeks Before Your Move:
Install any new equipment and schedule a walk-through of your new space.

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