How to Move Antiques

How to Move Antiques

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Nov 21, 2016 4:02:11 PM

Your antiques are special.

They’re collectible and irreplaceable. They often come with a hefty price tag or an even higher sentimental value that you can't put a price on. When moving, you want to ensure that your antiques are properly taken care of.

Follow these simple steps to help safeguard your items:

Step 1: Get an appraisal

You’ll likely need an appraisal of high-valued items to cover them under your new homeowner’s insurance, so this way you be able to get two things marked off your checklist!

In addition to having an appraisal done, it’s a good idea to take decent photographs and/or video of your antiques.

Step 2: Have a plan with your movers

When surveying your furniture, make sure that you let your moving consultant know exactly which items are highly valuable or fragile. Your movers will be able to plan if they need special crating or packaging.

You’ll also want to discuss the value of your antiques with your moving company. Make sure before you move that you have each item’s appraisal, serial number and high-quality photographs for your records.

Step 3: Prepare your antiques for packing

Some of your antiques may need to be cleaned before packing. Consult with experts in fine furniture to know which cleaning products are safest for your items.

Please note that you should avoid using oils or waxes on your antiques before your move, especially if they are going into storage. Some of these products may ruin the finish, leaving your furniture susceptible to marks or impressions from packing materials.

Step 4: Packing your antiques

Although you can pack your own items, it is recommended that you use professionals to handle your antiques and highly valued items. These items can require some extra TLC, including special padding, crating and wrapping. It’s also a good idea for you to be present during the packing of your antiques so that you can give any specific instructions for items that require special handling.

Step 5: Delivery

Once your prized antiques reach your new destination, make sure that you carefully inspect them and undertake a detailed inventory of your possessions.

With the right planning and trustworthy professional movers, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your antiques are in good hands.

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