How to Make an Inventory List (With Sample Template!)

How to Make an Inventory List (With Sample Template!)

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Mar 27, 2017 3:55:07 PM

If you're preparing to move and the process is starting to feel overwhelming, it's time to sit down and make some lists. One of those should be an inventory list that includes all -- or at least most -- of the possessions you'll be moving. There are many reasons you need an inventory list, starting with the fact that it simply makes the move more organized and gives you an idea of how much you will have to pack and transport. This is especially helpful if you'll be hiring movers and need an estimate of how much time and money it will take. Here's how to get started on this task.

Make a List for Each Room

The easiest way to start your inventory list is to go room by room and write down everything you will be moving. In each room, begin with the largest items, such as furniture. If you're short on time, you don't necessarily have to list each small item, such as every book or piece of clothing. But you should at least include your most valuable belongings. Examples include jewelry*, artwork, electronics** and collectibles. (Please note: This is just your overall inventory list, but we recommened bringing jewelry with you personally when moving).

Take Note of Details

The more details your inventory list features, the better. So don't stop at just writing down what the item is. You should also include the condition of the item, its likely value and which room you want to put it in when you move. This will help both you and any movers you hire to transport and unpack your belongings.

Consider Using Technology to Your Advantage

If you think you'll quickly lose your inventory list, use an app instead. There are several inventory list apps to choose from. This way, all the information you need is on your phone or tablet. Many of the apps available make it easy to list, describe, categorize and take pictures of your belongings. But even if you decide not to use an app, taking photos of each item is recommended, especially when it comes to your most valuable possessions.

When you prepare ahead of time with an inventory list and the help of a quality moving company, your move will go as smoothly as possible.

*If you do include jewlery in a moving shipment, we are not responsible if an item gets lost. We always recommened you bring your jewlery with your personally.

**When moving electronics, we are also not responsible for the operation if it doesn't work after the move unless it has sustained external damage and we packed it.


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