Here's How You Survive a Last-Minute Move

Here's How You Survive a Last-Minute Move

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Feb 15, 2017 10:16:56 AM

A last-minute move, by definition, leaves you with very little time to plan. Unfortunately, to make a last minute move without any hitches, a good plan is exactly what you need. There are 10 things you must do to survive a last-minute move.


  1. Find a Home - If you don't already have one -- before you do anything else --make certain you have a place to move. Considering the rush you are in, you need as many options as possible. That means using newspapers, penny papers, renting and real estate websites, social media, and rental apps to find a place to live. Visit as many rentals as possible and ask three questions: how much per month, how much is the deposit, and how long is the contract.
  2. Give Notice - Once you've found a place to live, give notice that you're moving out of the current location. Regardless of whether it's a landlord or roommate(s), make sure everyone is aware that you're leaving so you can settle up on any bills you might have or that you might be owed.
  3. Change Your Address* - Go to the post office, change your address, and ask that all your mail be forwarded to your new home until you have time to notify your contacts that you've moved.
  4. Connect Utilities - It may take a few days or a week for the utility company to connect your electricity, so get the process underway immediately.
  5. Find Help - Whether you enlist friends or pay a moving company, get help.

*Steinway Moving & Storage provides a streamlined service called Updater and a free concierge service that will help you get all of your last-minute items together, including your change of address and moving announcements for friends and family!


  1. Pack Meticulously - Whether you use plastic bags, cardboard boxes or plastic crates, label everything so you aren't digging through boxes trying to find what you need. Of course you can always hire professional packers to get the job done correctly.
  2. Don't Mix Rooms - Pack each room separately. Do not mix bathroom toiletries with kitchenware, for example. By keeping everything separate, you make unpacking exponentially more organized.
  3. Leave Pets and Plants for Last - The last thing you move into a new rental should be plants and pets and the first thing you get arranged in your new home should be the pets and plants. Doing so is both safer and more comfortable for them.
  4. Wash Everything Dirty - Don't pack dirty clothes or the sheets that are currently on your bed. Make sure you have a clean start when you move into your new place.
  5. Turn Over Keys - Make sure not to forget to hand the keys to the landlord or your roommate(s) personally.


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