Steinway Green Tips for Making Your New York Move Eco-Friendly

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Nov 13, 2015 11:14:03 AM

The United States is becoming increasingly eco-friendly, with more people consciously aware of what they’re putting out into the environment and the lasting effects this output can have on the earth.

According to a study conducted by Wallet Hub, New York ranked #3 on their list of 2015’s Most Eco-Friendly States, based on 14 key metrics of each state’s environmental quality and the “eco-friendliness” of its policies.

Based on these factors, it’s no surprise that more New Yorkers are looking to incorporate their greener way of living into all facets of life.

And that includes moving.

In the U.S., the average move requires 60 moving boxes which is equivalent to about half of a one ton tree. What’s even scarier is that the average American is likely to make 11 moves throughout their life time – that’s 660 moving boxes, or 7 trees PER person.

If you’re looking to be proactive and make your relocation greener – here are a few tips for making your New York move eco-friendly.


Reuse and recycle your cardboard boxes

Depending upon the quality, the average moving box can withstand three to 10 uses before being recycled. That means that you can use your boxes over and over again, or even share them with friends and family members who may be moving.


Use recycled plastic bins in place of boxes 

Reusable bins made out of recycled plastic can be used up to 400 times.


Swap out your fillers for biodegradable replacements

There are now eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional plastic bubble wrap, foam wrap and packing peanuts. Literally green in color to help you know the difference, green packing peanuts are made from bioplastics and serve as a great substitute for old school packing peanuts. Need an alternate to bubble wrap? Geami wrap is die-cut recycled paper that would be perfect for the job.


Photo Credit: Nicole Perry


Creativity is key

If you’re looking for a double whammy in your packing method, you might want to consider turning to your own supplies for wrapping delicates. In fact, some people use their own towels and clothing to wrap up their items, effectively killing two birds with one stone, as you are probably planning on bringing your clothing with you on your move. 


If you’re looking to help protect our planet, even just these few small adjustments to your move could make a significant impact on the environment.


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