A Handy Checklist from your NYC Commercial Moving Company

A Handy Checklist from Your NYC Commercial Mover

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Feb 9, 2016 12:15:02 PM

Moving a business takes a lot of work. Between finding a new company location, relocating your employees and re-mapping your general workspace, a lot of business owners can get stumped on exactly where to start.

As a trusted commercial mover in NYC, we know just how much you have to deal with during such an exciting time. That’s why we’ve created our free downloadable Corporate Move Planning Guide for your reference. In it, we’ve laid out a timeline for you to follow, along with an employee packing checklist and more valuable information.

Below is a general checklist from our Commercial Move Planning Guide:

Questions to ask before moving:

  • Is your desk empty?
  • Are all supply cabinets cleared?
  • Are all filing drawers locked?
  • Have all wall items been taken down?
  • Are breakable items properly packed?
  • Are all machines disconnected?
  • Have “Do Not Move” tags been placed?
  • Are all liquids drained from equipment?
  • Have all loose casters been removed?
  • Have desk pads and chair pads been properly tagged?
  • Make sure you take a final look.

Access your free copy of our Commercial Move Planning Guide to get this and many more valuable tips and information for your upcoming office move!


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A-1 First Class Commercial Move Planning Guide EBook

When moving, small offices will need to start their planning process at least three months ahead of time; medium to large offices will need at least six to eight months.

6-12 Months Before:
You should select a site and develop options that meet the criteria for your new location.

6-8 Months Before:
You should start preparing for your move.

3-6 Months Before:
Develop the site and coordinate a construction timeline.

6 Weeks Before:
You should have new equipment installed and schedule a walk-through of your new space.

For details on this timeline and other valuable information on moving your business, download your FREE copy of the A-1 First Class Commercial Moving Guide.

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