6 Fun Things To Do in Brooklyn

6 Fun Things To Do in Brooklyn

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Apr 6, 2016 11:58:26 AM

Welcome to Brooklyn!

For over 60 years we’ve been operating successfully out of Brooklyn, N.Y. We love where we work and who we work with every day.

Seriously, no place in the world buzzes, moves and talks like Brooklyn.

As the most populated borough in New York City, Brooklyn is a hustling, bustling cultural epicenter where the people are diverse, the beer is cold and the sandwiches are BIG. People in Brooklyn also move at a fast pace—there’s just no time to waste.

We have things to do—and we get them done.

But it’s not all work and no play in our beloved borough.

There’s plenty to do, see, drink and eat in this 70.82 square mile pocket of the greatest city in the world.

Proud to call Brooklyn our warm and cozy home since 1948, we are no strangers to the ins and outs of everyday BK life. We aren’t JUST an NYC moving company. We are Brooklynites through and through.

In our years of experience moving all around Brooklyn, we’ve definitely found some true gems that show the colorful (and super tasty!) side of the fourth largest city (hypothetically) in the country.

things to do in brooklyn nyc

Photo Credit: The Mill Basin Deli


This authentic Kosher deli on Avenue T has been serving it up Brooklyn-style for over four delicious decades. With a loyal local client-base and visitors from all over the tri-state area, The Mill Basin Deli is a must-see and must-eat for anybody who comes to town. With heaping pastrami sandwiches and hot homemade knishes, you can’t go wrong at The Mill Basin.

Coolest Feature: This deli isn’t just a feast for the stomach—but a feast for the eyes. Its walls are covered with great artwork from famous artists like Erte, Roy Lichtenstein, Marc Chagall and others.

fun things to do in brooklyn

Photo Credit: Threes Brewing


Though the famed Brooklyn Brewery tends to be a go-to for those visiting Brooklyn, Threes Brewing is a small, local brewery, bar and community space in Gowanus with a cool vibe and nearly 40 beers brewed and served on its premises. With events like the annual Crawfish Boil, music shows and cheese pairing classes, Threes Brewing really gives its patrons some awesome things to do all in one place.

Coolest Feature: Aside from their in-house coffee shop (which is cool in itself), Threes Brewing has a rotating food residency program when they invite a different local restaurant to come in and take over their kitchen for a few weeks at a time! Epic “YUMS” all around!

brooklyn things to do cyclone


We can’t create a list of things to do in Brooklyn without including one of the most famous boardwalks in the country. Coney Island is in a world all its own. But you have to see it for yourself. From inviting tiki bars, the original Nathan’s, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow featuring a wild cast of characters like Dr. Claw, the Black Scorpion and Patrick “Strange” Salazar, plus Luna Park, home of the Thunderbolt and the famous Coney Island Cyclone rollercoaster, as well as the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets’ minor league baseball team with a great stadium by the boardwalk, generations have been coming here to find amusement by the sea.

Coolest Feature: Coney Island has so many events during their peak summer season, but one of their coolest and most loved, hands-down, is the Annual Mermaid Parade, one of the largest art events in the nation! With sensational homemade costumes, it’s a public spectacle invented by artists to celebrate their creativity and it draws over half a million people. The music is hot, the dancing unstoppable, and the costumes unbelievable. This year’s participants will start strutting their stuff June 18th.

fun things in brooklyn nyc

Photo Credit: Juniors Cheescake


Gracing Downtown Brooklyn since 1950, Junior’s is widely regarded as having “the best cheesecake in New York.” While big touristy locations that make such a grandiose boasts sometimes fall short when you actually get there, Junior’s most certainly lives up to its name as the “most fabulous restaurant.” And what’s better? It’s not even that touristy. Junior’s has somehow managed to keep its authentic Brooklyn roots. Jam-packed with memorabilia and a full-service bar, you can’t really go wrong.  

Coolest Feature: The original Junior’s has so many sensational (and delicious) elements, but one of our favorite things, aside from the creamy cheesecake and juicy steaks, is their sign. You can spot Junior’s from blocks away. The lettering is written in bright red script and illuminated by old-school bright bulbs that spell out “BAR” and “cocktails.” Just the sight of it makes you immediately feel like coming in to get your just desserts.

places to eat in brooklyn

photo credit: Christina's Polish Restaurant


Brooklyn’s bustling neighborhood of Greenpoint has long had a thriving Polish population, and with that comes some of the most delicious and authentic Polish cuisine in the five boroughs. Christina’s has been serving mouth-watering pierogis, potato pancakes and kielbasa dishes at insanely affordable prices for almost two decades. Need to wash it all down? A bottle of Zywiec Polish beer will do the trick.

Coolest Feature: Hit up Christina’s for their Soup of the Day— the White Borscht is out of this world.

brooklyn bridge


How could we finish this list without including the iconic Brooklyn Bridge? Fuhgeddaboudit! Recognized around the world, The Brooklyn Bridge is just as breathtaking in person as it is in postcards. Want a nice day? Grab some ice cream in Dumbo at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and take a leisurely stroll across the bridge.

Coolest Feature: The Brooklyn Bridge is especially spectacular at night. We suggest going off the beaten path and exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park. But don’t enter it the usual way. If you go through the nearby Harry Chapin Playground to Squibb Park, you’ll find a long, lit-up bridge called the Squibb Park Bridge (it's temporarily closed, but will be up and running soon.) You can walk the narrow bridge, sprinkled in lights, into the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway and lose yourself among a pocket of lush trees before you emerge and gaze at one of the most beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline across the East River you’ll ever see. Trust us, you won’t regret this adventure.

These are just a few of our favorite Brooklyn things to do.
What’s your favorite? Let us know!


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