Five Quick Tips for Moving to North Carolina

5 Quick Tips for Moving to North Carolina

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Sep 28, 2017 1:34:56 PM

North Carolina has been receiving a ton of new residents as of late, especially from the Northeastern United States. And it isn't difficult to see why people are arriving in droves. From the gorgeous scenery of the Outer Banks and the Smoky Mountains to the metropolitan allure of Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina is an amazing place to call home.

If you're making the move to North Carolina, you'll soon be able to enjoy all the attractions, amenities and welcoming hospitality that this diverse state has to offer. And while moving can be a stressful endeavor, you can make the process a bit easier by taking a few steps before you arrive. The following are five quick tips for moving to North Carolina.


1. Switch Over Utilities and Subscriptions to Your New Address Before Moving

Don't forget to switch over your utilities to your new home at least two weeks before you move. Making sure the electricity, gas and water will be working when you arrive is most important, but remember to move over any sewage and trash collection bills as well. However, you can and should shop around for the best deals on Internet, cable or satellite television and phone services. If you have any magazine or other monthly subscriptions, be sure to move those over, too.

Notify service providers from your previous house or apartment of your address change so that they know where to send your final bills. And, forward your new address to your financial institution, credit card companies and insurance companies as well.


2. Make Copies of Any Important Personal Documents

Make copies of all your important documents before you move and put them in an easy-to-access box or briefcase. Copying birth certificates, driver's licenses, insurance documentation, medical records, passports and Social Security cards can be incredibly useful in an emergency or if your original records get lost or damaged while you're in the process of moving.


3. Pack an Overnight Bag with All Your Essentials

Before you finish packing everything, make an overnight bag with your phone, laptop, toiletries and a few articles of clothing. Be sure to put any essential medications in this bag as well.

After all, if you're moving to North Carolina from another state, you may be too exhausted to unpack everything immediately. Having an overnight bag can take some of the stress off of finding necessary items on your first day in your new place.


4. Put Any Items You'll Need for Unpacking in a Clear Storage Bin

Buy a clear plastic storage bin and fill it with a box cutter, paper towels, scissors and trash bags, as you'll need these items to unpack. Think about putting some cutlery, dishes, toilet paper, laptop chargers, phone chargers and power strips in this bin as well. You'll find that having easy access to these essentials will be incredibly helpful once you start unpacking all your boxes.


5. Mark and Detail Your Boxes

Marking and detailing boxes as you're packing can make for a much smoother move. You can even use different colored markers and packing tape as a simple way to categorize everything.

Consider putting similar items together and marking boxes based on the rooms they're supposed to go in. Separating essential items like in-season clothing and appliances from nonessential items like out-of-season clothing and decorative pieces, and marking boxes accordingly can also help you determine what to unpack first.

While following this advice can make any move a more pleasant experience, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on moving to North Carolina for even more great tips.


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