4 Tips for New York Empty Nesters: Downsizing Your Home

4 Tips for New York Empty Nesters: Downsizing Your Home

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Dec 18, 2015 10:59:11 AM

When most people think about moving, they think about upgrading their homes to accommodate big, exciting life changes. Maybe they’re newlyweds looking for their first home together or new parents seeking out more space for their growing family. Maybe they’re looking to upgrade to a new neighborhood closer to their children’s new school or a parent’s job opportunity.

But there is another entire spectrum when it comes to moving needs: empty nesters.

When children grow up and start to move out on their own, many parents find themselves in big homes with lots of rooms (and more rooms means more cleaning) that they don’t necessarily need any more.

If you are a parent or senior finding yourself in this situation, you may decide to look for a new home to accommodate your current needs.

If you’ve made the decision to downsize your home, here are 4 tips to get you started:

Explore new cities, neighborhoods & homes 

Now that you don’t have to think about school districts, child-friendly activities or proximity to your job (if you’re retired), it’s finally time for you to choose your new locale solely based on your wants and needs. Take the time to explore. Visit dream cities, check out neighborhoods you always wanted to be a part of, and research different styles of homes suitable to you. If you’ve always wanted to live by the beach, explore some beach towns. If you’ve dreamed about sipping your morning coffee by the lake, explore mountain towns.

Plan your move around your convenience 

Being that you aren’t restricted to the school year or new careers, move when it’s most convenient for you.

Leave time to sift through and divvy out your belongings

Downsizing your home also means inevitably downsizing your possessions. And for empty nesters, many of these belongings are going to have very special memories attached to them. Give yourself plenty of time to go through all of your belongings and designate time for your children or grandchildren to sort through their own possessions and see what they may want. Look for charities who will accept the donations of the items you want to discard. Plan a garage sale for items you’d like to sell. Also check out eBay, Craig’s List, or local groups that buy and sell items online.

Choose professionsal movers

Downsizing your home is a special time in your life. It means you did it! You successfully raised your children, you wrapped up your career, and it’s time to move for you. Having reputable movers during this amazing transition is very important. They’re going to be handling family heirlooms and many other sentimental possessions – it’s important to have movers that you can trust.

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