25 Popular Architectural Home Styles

25 Popular Architectural Home Styles

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Apr 19, 2017 4:10:02 PM

When shopping for a home, it's important to give your agent a concrete description of what you like. Identifying different architectural styles is a good place to start. Styles often have things in common from the look to the layout. Here's a list of some of the most popular styles on the market today.


1. Log House - Reminiscent of a log cabin, these houses have large wooden logs as the frame and often feature very open floor plans with lots of natural wood tones.




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2.  Cape Cod - Traditional Cape Cod construction features a steeply pitched roof, shingles, siding, windows surrounding the door and dormer windows on the upper levels.



Art Deco Style House

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 3. Deco - More common in office buildings, this style uses flat roofs, smooth stucco walls and vibrant accent colors.



Craftsman Style House

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4. Craftsman - An emphasis on natural materials categorizes this style, along with a lower pitched roof, open floor plan and wide front porches.



Contemporary Style House

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5. Contemporary - Working to bring the outdoors into the flow of the home, Contemporary designs also focus on the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.



Colonial Style Home

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6. Colonial - Known for its very symmetrical style, colonial tends to incorporate evenly spaced shuttered windows and columns.



Dutch Colonial House Style

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7. Dutch Colonial - Instantly recognizable by the broad gambrel roof, this style also often uses dormer windows on the upper levels.



Georgian Colonial Style

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8. Georgian Colonial - Typically built as a box-shaped abode, these homes follow the strict symmetry of any colonial with a simpler approach. Column details are often flattened, and most of these homes feature windows five across.



Federal Colonial Style House

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9. Federal Colonial - Also known as the Adams style, these homes are like a larger version of the Georgian. Take the typical box Georgian Colonial and add wings on either side and a bit more embellishment to get the expansive and expensive look of the Federal Colonial style.



Mid Century Modern Home Style

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10. Mid-Century Modern - Easily identified by the flat planes, expansive glass windows and open spaces inherent in these designs, Mid-Century Modern uses materials like steel and plywood to create a sleek look.



French Provincial Home Style

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11. French Provincial - Steep roofs, romantic design elements and symmetrical proportions are the foundation of the French Provincial style.



Greek Revival Style Homes

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12. Greek Revival - Start with imposing and add plenty of columns, painted plaster exteriors and bold moldings to get an idea of the look created by Greek Revival architecture.




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13. Italianate - Built like an Italian villa, these homes often feature a mix of rounded and rectangular windows, columned entryways and highly decorated window cornices and porches.



Mediterranean Style Home

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14. Mediterranean - Red tile roofs, arched windows and entries, and plaster surfaces are the most striking elements of this style.



Modern Style Home

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15. Modern - Not to be confused with contemporary, this style emphasizes function over form and clean, geometrical lines.



Neoclassical Style Home

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16. Neoclassical - Symmetry, tall columns and elaborate doorways are the essential features of this style.




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17. Prairie - Designed to incorporate practical needs, this style features built-in furniture, open floor plans, simple materials and little embellishment.



Pueblo Revival Style Home

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18. Pueblo Revival - Typically constructed of adobe, concrete, stucco or mortar, these homes feature rounded edges with square windows.




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19. Ranch - Both single level and split-level ranch homes focus on easy access to the outside and plenty of open space. An attached garage is a common feature in ranch-style homes.



Townhouse Style Home

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20. Townhouse - Also known as row houses, these homes have a fairly traditional layout with exterior accents from almost every architectural style.




Photo Credit: Traditional Home

21. Tudor - Look for steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs and decorative half-timber framing to instantly pick out a Tudor home.



Mission Revival Style Home

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22. Mission Revival - This Spanish style features clay roof tiles, arcaded porches, square pillars and bell towers.



Victorian Style Home

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23. Victorian - Complex designs with ornate trims, large porches and asymmetrical embellishments are the foundation of Victorian architecture. This heading covers many styles, including Italianate.



Cottage Style Home

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24. Cottage - Small homes with a curved entryway and bright exterior colors make cottages easy to pick out from the crowd.



Oriental Style Homes

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25. Oriental - Typically identified by large curved roofs that extend past the exterior walls, this style also often includes careful attention to landscaping.

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