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10 Reasons Why Moving to NYC is the BEST

Posted by Steinway Moving & Storage on Mar 2, 2016 10:08:00 AM

Moving to NYC is probably one of the best decisions anybody could make.

Believe us, we’ve been moving New York for decades. As an NYC moving company, we know everything there is to know about moving around our beloved Big Apple.

From hidden neighborhood gems to the off-the-beaten-path restaurants to the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square, New York truly does have it all.

If you’re on the fence about moving to NYC, we’ve compiled 10 awesome reasons why you should really move here now. 

moving to nyc pizza

1. We have the best food… Ever

It’s a proven fact. If you’re a foodie, NYC is the place for you. Aside from the quintessential New York City staples of pizza, bagels and Chinese food, NYC is literally home to every single cuisine imaginable. And not just cuisines with an American spin, either. NYC boasts the largest collection of the most authentic ethnic food in the world. And you never have to leave town to try it!

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2. It’s the City that Never Sleeps

No matter what time it is, somebody is always up in New York.

moving to new york city

3. NYC is an art hub

For those who love art and culture, New York City doesn’t just have one art district. We have a ton. Between the always popular Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Chelsea art district, the SoHo art district and more uptown and downtown, NYC is just brimming with cultural life.

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4. Broadway

Home to the world famous Broadway, this NYC Theatre District boasts 40 professional theatres (420 if you count the rest of the city) where you can enjoy award-winning, world class performances.


5. Times Square

Not that this needs any true explanation – but we have Times Square.

moving to nyc

6. A diverse mix of people

One of the best things about moving to NYC is the kinds of people from all walks of life that you’re bound to meet. From businesswomen to bakers, models to musicians, from fashion icons to poets and writers, every type of person and background can be found on these bustling streets.

nyc skyline

7. Our skyline is what post cards are made of… Literally

Arguably the most iconic skyline in the world (we aren’t kidding, if you google “skyline at night,” who do you think comes up first?), it’s hard not to imagine the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building when thinking of an urban skyline.


8. New York has the most coffee anywhere

We are one caffeinated town. Although we didn’t birth the great roasts of Portland and Chicago, we easily outnumber everybody in the sheer volume of coffee establishments. Sit down at a sidewalk café and sip a latte, or pick up a steaming cup of Joe from a street cart. Even pizzerias sell coffee here.

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9. Access to awesome comedy

New York City allows people to catch funny A-list comics in super intimate settings, all the time, and on the cheap, too. If you attend a week-night show, don’t be surprised if the likes of Chris Rock drop in for a surprise set.

10. There is nothing you can’t find in NYC

But you can try.
There we have it—and it was difficult to keep it down to 10!

Don’t be surprised if your favorite NYC movers come out with a Part Two.


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