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The month, day and time you choose to move can make or break your experience. 

Of course, professional movers will always be on their A-game no matter what time of the year your move occurs, but there are times that are more hectic and expensive than others. 

Best Days of the Week to Move

Generally, the best days of the week to move are mid week: Monday-Thursday. This is because most people move on the weekends when they're off from work or school. Mid-week moves also tend to cost less.

Worst Days of the Week to Move

During the weekend: Friday-Sunday, tend to be the worst days for moving. Since most people are off on the weekends, mover's book up fast. You'll typically have to give more notice as well as pay more than if you opted to move during the week.

Best Day of the Month to Move

Mid-month (around the 15th) is typically a great time of the month to move. There tends to be no major holidays around this time and it's generally easier to book a mover than the beginning or end of the month.

Worst Day of the Month to Move

The last day of the month is the busiest day to move. The 1st of the month is also popular as it can also feel like a "new beginning" to some, while others want to ride out their lease until the last day.

Best Months to Move

Outside of the most popular moving time of the year, most other months are relatively easy-going. During the fall and winter months, you'd also have the bonus of buying a house at a lower price! If you need to sell your home, the spring might be a better time for you.

Worst Months to Move

The busy-season of moving sits between May 15th through September 15th. With the highest prices of the year, seasonal workers, and companies getting booked up way in advance, it might be a good idea to try and move outside of this time-frame.  

Best Time of the Day to Move

The earlier the better! Since moving can take longer than expected, it's always a good idea to have as much time set aside as possible. 

If you can, try to book your move during some of these best times to move. You'll likely see a lower rate, comfortable days and and avoid the hecticness of busy season. 

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