Top Questions to Ask Commercial Moving Companies in NYC

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Once you’ve made the big decision to move your office, you’ll probably ask yourself a variety of questions:

• How exactly do I go about packing computers?

• How many boxes am I going to need?

How do I keep my business going during our office move?

• How long will it take to pack all this stuff?

How much advanced notice do commercial movers need?

Within all of these questions lies another important one:

What do I ask a NYC commercial mover company to ensure that they are the right ones for me and my business?

It’s imperative that you go about shopping for your mover in much the same way you go about shopping for your new office space. Your moving company is going to be in charge of all of your essential workplace possessions, machines, furniture and computers, after all, and you want to make sure that you feel safe and secure.

And because we’re in New York, competition is high – so don’t settle for anything less than professional, courteous, and transparent.

Here are some essential questions for movers on your venture throughout (or out of) the Big Apple.

1. What’s your company’s history/experience with moving a work space? 

Find out what they’re all about. How many years have they been in business? Are they well-versed in commercial office moves? Do they have reviews or testimonials for you to go over? Who’s working on your move – are they full-time employees? Making sure that your movers have a solid name in the game (specifically, that they are ProMover certified) will help you sift through who’s a reputable moving company in NYC and who’s not.

2. What types of estimates do you give? 

Knowing how to compare moving estimates will be a huge piece of the puzzle when deciding on a moving company. Know what the types of moving estimates are and how to compare them.

3. Does the quote include extra or hidden charges? 

Some companies have hidden fees that you won’t know about until moving day – inquire about them. Also find out about any extra fees (either based on weight or distance) that may be added at a later time.

4. What forms of payment do you accept? 

If a business accepts cash-only, they most likely aren’t the most reputable. Find out what forms of payment your potential movers accept, and while you’re at it, find out if deposits are refundable.

5. What type of valuation should I get? 

In general, basic valuation is 30 cents per pound for commercial moves, but you can likely upgrade at a reasonable rate.

6. What’s the process if something breaks or goes missing? 

Ask your potential office movers about their policy on missing or broken items.

During an exciting time like moving office locations, it’s important to be completely aware and in control of what’s going on around you. By asking your potential movers these questions, you’ll have a solid understanding of the moving process, their expertise, and exactly how well your office’s items are going to be handled. 



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