Tips for Decommissioning & Liquidating Your Office Assets

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Whether you’re in the midst of planning an office relocation, or closing up shop and shutting down your business for good, chances are one of the most daunting undertakings on your list is how—and where—to dispose of the furniture, equipment, and files you no longer need.

This is where enlisting the assistance of a corporate solutions partner to facilitate the decommission and liquidation of office assets comes into play.

Liquidation services can range from a single office to an entire building; however, no matter the scope, the primary goal remains the same—to be efficient, cost-effective, and provide sustainable solutions for those excess wares you wish to discard. 

Once workstations, cubicles and office furniture are broken down, there are a number of options when it comes to disposing of the remnants. 

Transport: In certain instances, existing assets may be destined for another office, and so can be delivered seamlessly to their new location. When working with a single point of contact, this can be accomplished without tasking anyone on your team. 

Donation: Charitable partners are often utilized to accept extra assets, eliminating unnecessary disposal costs in the process. Items should be in decent condition, and thoroughly cleaned prior to handing off. Those that have value can be appraised for sale.

Disposal: Technological items, namely, those that are now obsolete, should be disposed of in a safe manner, according to established environmental regulations. These include computers, laptops, monitors, cables, and other digital accessories. 

Storage: Items that may be of use at a later date can be temporarily stored, or placed in a more permanent type of facility for safekeeping. These should be securely packed and sealed to avoid infestations of pests, rodents, or deterioration due to environmental factors.

Recycling: Metals are often recycled whenever possible for renewable use, as are hard copies of files containing sensitive data, which can be shredded and disposed of in similar, environmentally sound fashion. 


By utilizing a project manager for these and other tasks relating to your corporate relocation, you can maximize return, reduce cost, and satisfy all lease termination requirements. 


The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides decommission and liquidation services, encompassing everything from the coordination of lease surrender to ensuring properties are broom swept upon departure. The team operates its own fleet of vehicles and warehouse facilities in New York and New Jersey, and has cultivated extensive connections with both national charities and wholesale furniture dealers in the event there is a need to offload excess wares. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today.

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