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An important element when coordinating a commercial move is time. Time can be your greatest asset or can bring about your biggest downfall. Poor planning can cost you valuable time.

Putting time and effort into the planning stage is one of the most important steps in the commercial move process. It is often also the most difficult."

Movers need to consider innumerable details to coordinate:

Construction, electrical, plumbing, IT, employee schedules, industry, office hours, building hours, security, storage options, furniture, and the transference of services, including Internet and phone. Each requires its own timetable.

Your office is busy.  Your employees work hard and are not looking forward to having to pack up their desks and offices to have them moved because every piece of paper and sticky note is important to them. Your business hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday, so you need to move after hours and over the weekend. The right team of professional movers can coordinate a relocation with little to no interruption in the company’s work flow.




With expert planning down to the smallest detail. Anticipating these details is only something that can be accrued through experience. There is no shortcut. The physical act of facilitating commercial moving in New York thousands of times, with every type of potential problem experienced, analyzed, and solved and then planned for, is what separates a full-service moving company employed by trained professionals from one that is - how shall we say? – not. 

This is New York. Time is money. Time lost is not an option.

For more information visit our commercial moving services page.

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