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The spring brings on a fresh outlook for the future.

There’s just something about emerging from a frozen winter that leaves people with the desire to try new things, visit new places and, sometimes, move!

With the mild weather, the days off from school and the competitive prices from moving companies, it’s the perfect time of year to pack up your stuff and start moving!


Mild weather – The spring lets you move into a new home without the bitter cold of the winter or the scorching heat of summer. You won’t have to worry about an impending snow storm halting your journey or getting heat exhaustion from the high temperatures of a July excursion.  

A good season for selling your home – Known as the best season for home selling, putting your home on the market in the spring can get you a higher sales price, a better valuation and the advantage of bidding wars—which may not be the most fun for the buyers involved, but are definitely a pro for the seller!

Competitive moving company prices – Since you still have time before the peak moving season of summer, you’ll be more likely to secure a reputable moving company at a good, professional price that fits your budget and your moving dates! Make sure that you still give enough advanced notice to your movers, though.


Check the pollen count – You have the advantage of mild temperatures on your side, but if you suffer from allergies, the spring can definitely be your worst enemy. To be the most comfortable for your move, make sure that you check the pollen count and act accordingly. Have your allergy medication on hand to ensure that you’ll feel your best.

Dress appropriately – Mornings are typically chillier in the spring, with a quick warm up as the day goes on. We suggest dressing in layers! Wear light clothes underneath your jacket or sweater so that you can move around easily and take off the heavier layers as the temperature rises. Never wear open-toed shoes on moving day. Sneakers or boots are your best bet for moving around safely. And remember: If it’s a particularly sunny day, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Take advantage of spring cleaning – It’s a popular time of year to clear out the clutter, so take advantage of your spring cleaning habits! Get rid of everything you definitely don’t need to take with you on your move. The spring is a perfect time for a fresh start, so use this occasion to really get organized and discard those unnecessary items.

Enjoy the scenery – As seasoned NYC movers, we know just how perfect spring in New York is. Make sure you enjoy the scenery on your move!

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