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Packing for a move is a science. Making the most efficient use of your space, protecting your delicate goods, and transporting your belongings as safely and soundly as possible requires thoughtful planning.

Steinway Moving & Storage has created a residential moving guide to help you navigate the common pitfalls of moving, including this handy Packing Dos and Dont's Guide. Before you box any item, be sure to review the list and download the guide.

Here’s to smooth moves! 

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Packing Dos

 Do write your last name on every carton.

 Do make sure all cartons are properly labeled with destination location and general contents.

 Do wash your hands frequently to prevent soiling articles that are being packed. 

 Do set up a work area, preferably on a large table.

 Do make sure all cartons and packing materials are dry, clean and of sufficient strength to do the job.

 Do be sure cartons have lids and secure the tops and bottoms with tape after closing.

 Do pack wisely to avoid shifting of contents en route: Heavier items on the bottom, lighter items on the top.

 Do make sure cartons are full to the top. Cartons will be stacked. Cartons not filled to the top may cave in, causing the entire stack to fall over.


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Packing Dont's

 Don’t pack coins, currency, valuable papers, jewelry or other valuables. Carry them with you.

 Don’t pack matches, inflammables, ammunition, acids, explosives, paint or chemicals. 

 Don’t pack irons, kitchenware or other heavy items in the same cartons with fragile items.

 Don’t leave trays loose in refrigerator, microwave or stove. 

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