On Time & Intact: What to Look for in a Moving Delivery Service

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One of the most integral components of any corporate relocation is the physical delivery of your furnishings and files from one location to the next. By enlisting the expertise of professional delivery services, this stage of the process can be one of the more seamless and stress-free steps along the way.

Though the temptation may be to call on a friend or family member to move your belongings, such a method becomes far more complicated—not to mention inefficient—when applied to a larger office setting.

Those who view moving as simply traveling from point A to point B overlook a great portion of the bigger picture, namely, the logistics involved in such a grand undertaking. 


The Professional Touch

A professional moving delivery service will undoubtedly have a deep knowledge of the locality in question, as they routinely make a point to run thorough area checks to better understand the routes and the neighborhood in question. This type of “background check” can take in facets ranging from parking restrictions to avoidance of one-way streets, construction sites and more. 

By hiring experts, you are putting your trust in those far more experienced than you, and can rest assured that the safety of your belongings during transit will always be of the most paramount importance. 

To that end, furniture and personal effects are typically wrapped and insulated to avoid damage and provide added protection from dirt and dust. Padding is used to wrap fine, hardwood surfaces to avoid scuffs and marks; stairways and doorways are covered, and cardboard runners draped over the floor; and upholstered and stuffed fabric protected by plastic wrap. 

When it comes to the transfer of these items from moving site to truck and back again, skilled moving crews will utilize the appropriate hoisting straps, appliance dollies, ramps, and any other mechanics necessary to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. 

The Steinway Solution 

Steinway Moving & Storage offers delivery services for those undergoing a corporate relocation, whether it be around the corner, across state lines, or fulfilling the so-called “final mile,” providing reliable transport of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for industries ranging from commercial and industrial to hospitality and medical, and everything in between. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today. 

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