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For those less technically inclined, the prospect of coordinating IT migration and set-up at your new office can be among the most overwhelming collection of tasks on the to-do list. Enlisting the assistance of a corporate solutions partner alleviates this pressure, and instills confidence that all necessary services will be properly implemented, so your team can hit the ground running.


Among a business owner’s greatest fears is the prospect of excessive downtime. With proper planning and reliance on those with expertise in this field, such lapses in productivity can be drastically minimized, if not eliminated altogether. 


With the business world's increased reliance on technology, access to phone and internet service, email, and cloud-based computing is imperative. 

When planning an office relocation, it’s ideal to take inventory of all current systems and equipment, and determine the importance of each component. Note which service providers are used, as well as associated costs; it’s quite possible that certain functionality may no longer be required, or can be consolidated as you move forward in a new location. 

As you assess the need for upgrades and replacement parts, remember to consider everything from computers and accessories to servers, printers/copiers, modems and scanners. This may depend on the layout of the new office, as much as functionality, and should take into account any plans for growth you may have within the next several years. 

Any leased IT and phone equipment should be returned to its original vendor; damaged components can similarly be e-cycled to cut down on waste. Before moving, ensure complete backups are available for all firewalls and servers—just in case—and compile an official inventory list of existing hardware and software. Appropriately label all wiring and workstations, as this will facilitate the mapping out and setting up of the new office. 

Once you’re settled in, functionality of phone lines, emails, servers, Wi-Fi, and other IT components should be methodically tested to ensure all are in working order and business can commence as usual. 



The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides IT migration & set-up services, encompassing every stage of the process from initial planning and assessment to the necessary streamlining and implementation required, to ensure your business is up and running upon relocation. The team evaluates existing IT infrastructure, makes recommendations for improvements, facilitates all data migrations and set-up, and provides ongoing maintenance and support as needed. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today. 

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