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There are as many reasons to move your office as there are businesses. Whether you need to upgrade, find a bigger space, move cross-country or within New York City, you will need to start with some basic questions to begin the planning process.

Below, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding commercial office moving:

There are a lot of factors that go into planning a commercial move. Construction/renovation, selecting vendors, coordinating with building management, packing, labeling, and organizing must all be considered and planned for. How long does it take to plan a commercial move in NYC?

You will need to assess your busiest time of year. By working around your seasonality, you can plan for less interruption. If your business is not affected by seasonality and is steadily busy throughout the entire calendar year, moving after business hours and during weekends is best.

A qualified commercial moving company in New York like Steinway Moving & Storage will be able to: 

• Obtain required permits or authorizations to perform the work.
• Assign color codes to the new areas for the placement of items.
• Post a floor plan where it is convenient for workers to reference.
• Secure entrances and elevators for use during loading and unloading.
• Provide storage options and arrange for delivery of stored items later.
• Perform clean-up and finishing services according to the commercial-moving plan, including disposal.



What about electronics, computers, and data servers? 

Customers can choose to have us assist with their technology needs or have their own IT team handle it.

Steinway Movers employs logistics experts who will coordinate storage protocol, merge your technology, and integrate your specialized needs for a seamless relocation. Our planning will ensure a successful move, which will speed up the recovery time so any loss of productive work time is reduced to a minimum.


How fast can we get back to work?

This is New York. Time is money. You want to get back to work ASAP with as little downtime as possible. The first step toward achieving that goal is careful planning.

Steinway Moving & Storage commercial movers have the experience, know-how, and well-worn systems to get your office back to work with little to no downtime.

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