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Between packing up all of your belongings and choosing a professional moving company there's a lot to think about before you embark on your exciting adventure in the Big Apple. One of the most important things you can do to make your transition as seamless as possible is to handle your utilities (both new and old) beforehand. By doing so, you’ll have your new place all set up and ready to go by the time you arrive.

The process is pretty straightforward. Remember to provide enough notice to the utility company. In fact, it’s a good idea to contact all of your utility providers at least two to four weeks before your moving date.

Stop Service with Old Utilities

Use your previous bills to find the contact information for your old utility companies. Arrange the “service stop date” for the day after your move to ensure that you still have light and heat running on the day of your move. You’ll have to provide a forwarding address for the final bill in order to avoid unnecessary late or collection fees. 

Start Service with New Utilities

Once you’ve arranged to close your existing utility accounts, you’ll need to contact the utilities at your new home to start service. Check with your realtor or landlord to find out which utilities you need to call. Most utility companies require this  information to open new accounts :

• Full name and contact information
• New full service address
• The date that you would like service to start (in other words, your move in date, or - to be sure that you'll have the lights on when you move - the day before your move)
• Your social security number (some utilities accept driver’s or non-driver’s license ID, passport, or alien ID number if you don’t have an SSN)
• Mailing address (if different from the service address)

Depending on the utility company and your personal credit score, you may have to pay a security deposit if you are a new customer. Security deposits for electricity and gas are regulated by your state utility board, and are typically returned after one year’s good payment history.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to write down the names and numbers of all of your utilities (for both your old home and new one) and have them with you on the day of your move. 


Moving to New York City 

Electricity and Gas

The electric utility in NYC is Con Edison. If you are new to New York, you can open an account in your name by calling them at 1-212-243-1900 or by applying online. 

• To start an account with Con Edison for natural gas, call
• Call National Grid at 1.718.643.4050 to open an account for gas.

While ConEd (or National Grid) is responsible for delivering energy to your home, you have a choice of who supplies the energy you use. Once you have a utility account number, you can shop around for an electricity and/or gas rate from an alternate Energy Services Company (ESCO). 


Water is usually included in the rent in New York, but you may need to set up an account if you own your property. Call the NYC Department of Environmental Protection at 1.718.595.7000 to find out about opening an account.


Time Warner Cable and Verizon are the most common telecommunications companies in New York. It’s a good idea to shop around and see what each one offers before deciding on which is best for you. Both Time Warner and Verizon have online ordering options, but you can also call them or visit a store location to find out more. It’s a good idea to make a decision at least a week in advance so that you can schedule a time to be home when they arrive. 

Time Warner Cable1.800.892.4357
Cablevision: 1.718.975.1140


Moving Elsewhere in New York State

Electricity and Gas

Depending on where you live, your utility will be one of the following:

• Central Hudson: 1.845.452.2700
• National Fuel1.800.365.3234
• National Grid1.800.930.5003 (Long Island & the Rockaways) or 1.800.642.4272 (Upstate New York)
• NYSEG: 1.800.572.1111
• PSEG Long Island1.800.490.0025
• Rochester Gas & Electric1.800.743.2110

In New York, you have a choice of who provides the energy (electricity and/or gas) you consume. Once you have an account number established with the utility (or utilities), you are eligible to shop for electricity and gas from an alternate supplier.


There are over 277 water companies that provide service throughout communities in New York State. Contact your local municipality to find out how to open an account for water, or check the NYS Department of Public Service.


There are many cable companies operating in New York state that offer phone, internet, and cable. Some of the larger companies include:

Cablevision: 1.631.393.0707 (Long Island) or 1.718.975.1140 (Westchester)
Comcast (Xfinity)1.800.266.2278
Time Warner Cable1.888.438.3467


By having these key components taken care of before arriving to your new home, your transition to New York will be smooth and easy.


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