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If you’ve ever planned a corporate relocation, you’ve likely considered the pros and cons of purchasing new office furniture versus opting for used or refurbished components.

While this decision depends largely on your particular financial constraints, functional requirements, and aesthetic preferences, there are several standard factors all business owners should weigh before making a final determination.


New furniture comes with obvious benefits, the first being fairly self-explanatory—it’s brand new! With that untouched quality typically comes a warranty, often extending from a minimum of 10 years through the entire lifetime of the product. Featuring modern comforts and uniform attractiveness, many feel such an investment is worthwhile, particularly businesses in the midst of an upgrade or expansion, and those looking to build upon their brand. 



Used pieces may be considered viable alternatives for those companies working with tighter budgets, or under limited time frames within which to procure the basic necessities. As these furnishings often come pre-assembled and ready for pick-up—meaning no back orders or shipping logistics to contend with. Of course, such cost-effectiveness comes with certain risk; namely, no warranty, and therefore little recourse should any issues arise further down the line. 



Refurbished furnishing presents something of a happy medium, providing the opportunity to customize older pieces to your liking, while still offering a degree of eco- and budget-friendly advantages. By stretching the shelf life and supporting the local economy, going this route can be an ideal temporary solution for those looking to stretch funds in the short term. One disadvantage, however, is that such pieces may only be available in limited quantities—leading to a lack of uniformity should you find the need to expand down the line.  

The Bottom Line

The most sound advice is to inspect all furniture thoroughly before investing in used or refurbished alternatives, as unforeseen repair fees may wind up costing more than what the piece is worth in the long run. Make sure you are prepared to incur any transportation and assembly responsibilities that may be required, and prioritize whether short-term savings is worth the risk of potential future deterioration. 

Oftentimes, the best option is to settle on a combination of new and used furnishings—those items with shorter lifecycles can be purchased used, while more permanent fixtures, such as desks and office chairs, are typically less expensive and worth a more permanent investment. Skimping on those components employees spend the most time using can lead to drops in both health—think, poor posture due to inadequate desk chair support—and, ultimately, productivity of employees. If budget is an issue, start small—one piece of quality furnishing at a time will always lead to the best return on investment. 

And don’t forget to make sure secondhand components are compatible with one another—there’s nothing like realizing a little too late that your miscellaneous collection of tables and chairs don’t fit together! 


The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides new & pre-owned office furniture services, which can significantly help with the planning and design of your new corporate space. We work to facilitate both new and pre-owned sales, rentals, liquidation and buy-back solutions, and take an active role in the delivery, installation and relocation process as needed. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today.

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