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There are challenges that can arise with any situation, but being aware of common mistakes can help set you up for success in any endeavor.

An office relocations has its own special sets of circumstances that require attention from the beginning. By understanding the challenges and pitfalls that may accompany a corporate move before they happen, you will be able to steer clear of any big catastrophes.

Here is our Steinway Moving & Storage comprehensive list of mistakes to avoid in office relocation.

Not hiring a commercial moving company 

Moving an office is a feat in itself, and trying to accomplish everything on your own is the first mistake in an office relocation project. By hiring a reputable moving company with experience making corporate moves, you’ll have the right kind of professionals on your side.

Leaving packing to the last minute 

An office relocation is a big event, and packing should also be one. Between moving computers, office furniture, and even employees, packing up should be done with plenty of time to spare. Create a timeline to help you stay organized and unrushed.

Not getting a valuation  

When moving your business, you’re going to have expensive computers, copy machines, office furniture and a variety of other objects (depending on your business you may even be moving expensive medical equipment!) on the moving truck. To be safe, we suggest you seek out a valuation on your shipment, which is $.60 per pound per item. You can always upgrade to cover the entire move, of course!

Moving during busy season

If possible, try to avoid your company’s busy season. Keeping your business going during your office move should be top priority, so avoiding the times that you’re at your busiest will help you avoid a bigger hit to your bank account. Besides, when you’re leasing your new office space you’re going to want to take plenty of time to choose the perfect location. Shopping around and moving during your slower season will allow you the right amount of time and energy needed to dedicate to such a big endeavor.

Not comparing moving estimates 

Always compare moving estimates when shopping for your professional movers. Having options to make an educated decision is imperative to a successful move with exactly the right company for you.

Not updating your website or letting your customer know

To avoid confusion or loss of business, let your customers know ahead of time of your relocation plans. Send out e-mails, put up signs and update your website accordingly. Giving your clients advance notice will help you to avoid any unnecessary loss of business.


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