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Moving the Mets (And Being Moved by the Mets)

As the official mover of the New York Mets, Steinway Moving & Storage would like to shout from the tops of our trucks: LET’S GO METS! LET’S GO METS! LET’S GO METS!

We don’t mind missing some shut eye for this game.

Since 1987, Steinway has been moving MLB’s New York teams, and seeing our boys off to Port St. Lucie each year has become an event we look forward to – the mark that warmer weather is coming. For Steinway Moving & Storage, "truck day" is our own national holiday. We pack up our vans with Mets equipment and move them down south for spring training, and then do it all over again for their return back up to New York for Opening Day.

A dedicated fan since childhood, Steinway President Matt Schwartzberg is surely rooting for the NY Mets during what will be a historic playoff season for the NYC area. Steinway Moving & Storage is a New York company through and through, and as such, we admire the grit, courage, and heart that have brought the Mets this far. 

Please join us in wishing luck to the New York Mets this postseason! 

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