Limit the Stress of Corporate Relocation with Furniture Installation Services

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Ask any business owner what one aspect of the corporate relocation process he or she would rather avoid, and it’s likely a fairly common reply will concern the daunting prospect of installing furniture at the new location.

No matter if these workstations and structures have previously existed, or serve as new additions to the refreshed space, assembly of any sort is guaranteed to require a substantial degree of both time and skills that would be better served elsewhere—namely, in ensuring the business itself is up and running as soon as possible. 


Streamline Skills

Having one company serve as a central point of contact during your office move is essential to streamlining the array of necessary tasks, while feeling confident that all are operating under the watchful eye of your trusted logistics experts. 

Certainly, physically moving the furniture from point A to point B is a crucial piece of the puzzle. But once your wares have arrived on time and intact, entrusting their assembly and set up to a team of trained technicians is a far better course of action than the alternative. Workstations alone can have many moving parts, and often incorporate wiring in accommodating phone extensions, computers, printers, and more. 

While there may be staff members somewhat proficient in the mechanics of such an undertaking, it’s far wiser—not to mention more cost-efficient—to leave these tasks to the professionals to avoid unscheduled mishaps, technical difficulties, and an unnecessary pooling of resources away from corporate productivity. 


The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides furniture installation services for those in the midst of a corporate relocation. Our team of both union and non-union labor is certified in all furniture manufacturers, and brings that expertise to construction of architectural walls, assembly of workstations, and reconfiguration of office layouts across multiple industries, including corporate, hospitality, and education. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today.

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