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A corporate relocation typically has many moving parts, some diligently at work behind the scenes, all collaborating in earnest to ensure the process is smooth and streamlined, from start to finish. 

Storage and asset management often encompasses logistics and distribution, using automation where possible to efficiently catalog items including furniture, office equipment, corporate files, merchandise and other goods.

A Crucial Cornerstone

When done right, warehouse management typically serves as the cornerstone to this process, utilizing technology where applicable to provide much-needed inventory visibility, accurately manage supply chain operations, and integrate effectively with transportation management should distribution be required down the line. By streamlining the movement of goods from a client to storage, and in some instances, the transition to another facility, quality oversight minimizes the potential of errors when logging inventory, and managing storage and transit. 

Complementary Components

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, logistics and distribution are actually two distinct facets of the asset management process, working in conjunction for optimal efficiency. 

Logistics involves the planning, design, coordination, management and improvement of the process of moving goods. The primary focus centers on the clear flow of information from one channel to the next, in stark contrast to the physical movement of goods. Often, the development of automated inventory systems is a key element to this phase, ensuring movement is facilitated in the shortest window of time, for a minimal cost. 

Distribution takes into account the physical movement of goods through a specific channel. Though often termed “transportation,” distribution involves a large degree of strategizing, taking into account costs, methods, and those physical obstacles that may impede or delay delivery in a timely manner. By improving warehousing and transportation function, distribution can summarily be enhanced, as well. 

By optimizing everything from warehouse to inventory management and ensuring the proper handling of materials, corporate storage and asset management shouldn't be concerns when planning a relocation. 


The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides storage & asset management services comprising everything from warehouse management to distribution and logistics, as well as specialty services targeted to artwork and antiques, health care, hospitality, retail stores and fixtures, and schools and libraries. These customizations include barcoding and data input, quality control reporting and product inspection, loading pick-up and delivery, and internet-based inventory. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today. 

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