The Importance of Project Management for Your Office Move

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So, you’re planning to relocate your corporate headquarters. An undertaking, to be sure—filled with multiple stages of planning and preparation, countless logistics to coordinate, and oh yes, a functioning business to maintain during the potentially tumultuous process. 

While there are many who would attempt to tackle such a monumental task on their own, enlisting the assistance of a project manager can alleviate the great majority of stress associated with this type of tricky transition.

Bringing Order to Chaos

By appointing a project leader in charge of facilitating all aspects of the corporate relocation, this immediately frees up the bandwidth of the rest of team, enabling them to continue normal operations and await further instructions at each phase of the process. This individual should be tasked with crafting checklists for pre- and post-move, as well as the day of. 

Time frame is key, as advanced preparation facilitates a calmer, more organized approach. It’s crucial to identify each step required, and the parties responsible, to ensure nothing is overlooked. Communication is imperative at all stages, but especially during these formative days, to avoid any unnecessary upheaval and misunderstandings.

Once the process moves further along, this network should be expanded to include corporate clients, vendors, suppliers, and anyone else your company regularly interacts with, to maintain an air of stability and confidence. 

By hiring a professional project management company, you can rest assured that these “experts” will apply best practices in understanding your unique needs and priorities, ultimately saving you time and money by placing emphasis on maintaining productivity throughout the process. In ideal instances, downtime can be eliminated altogether, ensuring that all necessary components are in working order on day one at the new location. 

This can be accomplished through coordinating with IT departments, transporting sensitive equipment and files, breaking down and setting up office furniture and workstations, and a host of additional responsibilities. Each task taken off the plate of a current employee or member of management naturally frees up precious time and resources that are better served elsewhere, namely, in fulfilling designated job responsibilities.

Depending upon the size of the operation and level of staff involved, the scope of project management can be evaluated and adjusted as needed. 


The Steinway Solution

Steinway Moving & Storage provides comprehensive project management services for your corporate relocation, serving as a single point of contact for all facility directors and clients, and taking on responsibilities ranging from crafting a floor plan, implementing a labeling system and organizing employee orientation meetings to overseeing all movers, installers, and technicians involved in the process. Contact Steinway to request a consultation today. 

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