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Moving across the country requires more planning than moving down the street. When you're only moving a short distance, you can always make an extra trip to pick up something you forgot to move, but in a long-distance move all your belongings have to make it to the new location in a single trip. Thankfully, proper planning can take the hazards out of long-distance relocation. If you have a move coming up, use these long-distance moving tips to ensure success.

1. Protect Your Belongings

If your belongings are not packed properly, they can move around a lot during a long drive, which can cause irreparable damage to some items. Purchase high-quality moving boxes, pack objects into them tightly, and tape them shut to prevent them coming open during transit. To further protect your belongings, consider having them professionally packed.

2. Get Insurance

Even with careful packing, a lot can go wrong during a long-distance move. Up to 20 percent of moves involve an insurance claim, so you could lose out if you forget to purchase insurance. Most moving companies can offer advice on moving insurance policies so you can work out which one is right for you.

3. Pack a Personal Bag

When you arrive at your destination after a long trip, the last thing you will feel like doing is rummaging through a box of bathroom supplies to find your toothbrush. Pack an essentials box with items like hygiene supplies, a change of clothes, and any important documents you'll need right away into a personal bag, which you should keep with you during the journey.

4. Don't Pack Food

If you have a cupboard full of unfinished food at the time of your move, bring them to the local foodbank to donate! Wondering what else you shouldn't pack? Learn more about what not to move.

5. Label Your Boxes

Many long-distance moving companies transport items that belong to more than one customer at a time. To avoid confusion, label all your moving boxes with your name and your new address. It's also a good idea to indicate what's in the box so you can find things easily when your shipment arrives.

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