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How to Move Family Heirlooms

Families are like small clans of blood-relatives who shares names, stories, memories and homes. Throughout the course of a family’s lineage, they are likely to acquire items that hold a high monetary or emotional value – items that have been proudly lived with that family for several generations.

When a family makes the decision to move, transporting their heirlooms can be a top-of-mind priority, as sentimental attachment and essentialism adds to the idea that certain objects are more than just their physical properties – emotion plays a big role in an item’s individual importance to a person.

So… you might be wondering how to move heirlooms. The expert movers of Steinway Moving & Storage suggest that, if possible, if a particular item is absolutely irreplaceable or holds great sentimental, transport it with you.

Of course, some heirlooms may be difficult to load into your personal car. Grand pianos, timepieces, chandeliers, hope chests and a Veteran’s weapon collection all can be considered high-valued family heirlooms, and it’s not so easy to simply pack up a chandelier safely in your trunk.

When shopping for your reputable mover and comparing estimates, talk to the professionals about which heirlooms you may need them to move, and get some suggestions on how they think those items should be moved. Seeing how experienced different movers are in the realm of valuable heirlooms will help you to get a sense of which company is right for you.

Steinway Moving & Storage Pro Tip: Seek out an accredited ProMover company for your relocation. Know that you’re getting the best, highly trained service available from professionals who pledge to uphold all federal regulations by the American Moving & Storage Association’s Code of Ethics.

Steinway Moving & Storage also mentions that you will need to provide a copy of any appraisals to attach to the High Value Inventory Form for any high value items – this gives you and your mover a solid list of how much items are worth in the event of any mishap, and allows you to properly account for items at the beginning and end of the move.

One final suggestion from your friends at Steinway Moving & Storage is to choose the valuation type on your move that’s best for your individual shipment, or check to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers household goods in transit in the event of loss or damage.

When moving your high valued, sentimental family heirlooms, it’s important to ensure that they are taken care of. If you can’t take the item(s) with you personally, we suggest you do a little extra research in to your professional mover, because when an item has been in your family for generations, its safety is essential.

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