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 The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, your coffee cup is steaming and you need to put your heavier blanket back on your bed: the fall season must be here.

Having just escaped the sweltering heat of summer, the cooler temperatures and picture-perfect days that dance with reds and golds make autumn a favorite season for many. Aside from being an ideal time of year for making gooey s’mores, the fall is also a favorite for moving – s’mores not included.

Advantages of Moving During the Fall

• With the spring and summer being widely regarded as the busiest (and most expensive) time of the year to move, the fall doesn’t only come with cooler days. Movers offer lower prices during this picturesque off-peak season (and since it’s not as busy, you’ll have even better service – if that’s even possible for your Certified ProMover.)

• You don’t need to give movers as much advanced notice as you do during their peak season. A minimum of 10 days to two weeks is acceptable, in comparison to the 3-4 weeks you’re recommended to give during their busier months.

• The mild weather makes for a more comfortable move. You won’t have to deal with the dog days of summer or the frigid days of winter.

• It truly is a beautiful time of the year. If you’re moving to or within a location bursting with fall foliage, the scenery makes for a more calming and enjoyable ride. If you haven’t done it before, try to make time to get in a little leaf peeping on your journey.


fall leaves on ground


Tips for Moving During the Fall

• Comfortable clothing is always important during a move, no matter what time of the year, but fall weather can be even more unpredictable. Mornings tend to be on the cooler side, but once the sun comes out it can warm up quickly. To best accommodate the fluctuating degrees, dress in layers – that way you can easily adjust to the weather. 

• Fall leaves are beautiful, but they can also be very dangerous. Make sure that you clean and clear all walkways and driveways. Ensuring the safety of your family and your movers is a top priority, and slipping on any leaves or branches is easily avoidable. 

• A fall move does come with some cons – moving children after the start of their school year is one of them. If you have to change your child’s school, make sure that you sit down and talk to them to better prepare them for the transition. Change can be scary, especially for children, so try visiting their new school beforehand, if possible, to better ease them in to it. 

• One not-so-big con is the decrease in daylight during the fall. This can be easily dealt with, but just be aware of the changes in the sunrise and sunset so that you can better plan for taking full advantage of the shortened daylight hours.

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