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Bad Weather Tips for Moving in NYC and Beyond

Although you’ve planned out every detail you can never account for the weather. Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate, and she also doesn’t consider our feelings or our meticulous plans, so if she does rear her ugly head and pour some unexpected rain on your moving day parade, we’ve compiled some tried and true Steinway Moving & Storage Tips for moving in NYC and beyond to help keep you safe and your belongings dry.

1. Protect yourself & your movers

The number one priority on moving day your safety, the safety of your movers and of anyone else helping you.

Everyone should be in proper clothing. This includes boots or rubber-soled sneakers and light rain jackets. (First Class Pro Tip: Stay away from too much cotton or heavy sweaters. If they get soaked, they will weigh you down –not to mention the possibility of them getting stuck on a piece of furniture you’re moving!) 

Be aware of slippery surfaces. With rain comes the obvious need to watch your step. Be careful of slick steps and driveways, watch for wet leaves and be wary of deep puddles.

2. Protect your belongings

An obvious concern will be the protection of your belongings. For the most part, your reputable NYC movers should be able to provide the move with some necessary protection, but it never hurts to get some of your items ready for the rain before your movers arrive. (Steinway Moving & Storage Pro Tip: If rain is in the forecast for the week, call up your moving company for recommendations – they’ll be happy to help.)

• Clothing: Make sure all clothing items are properly boxed. Professional movers do not move clothing that are not in boxes, especially garbage bags of items.
Wood & metal furniture/appliances: With rain comes warped, moldy wood and rusty metal. Professional movers will know and decide exactly how to wrap and protect these items so that they can safely move them.
Art: Never wrap artwork in plastic, the condensation or moisture will damage them quickly. Artwork must be packed into cartons or crated depending on the size and value using acid free paper.
Mattresses: Make sure your mattresses/boxsprings are either containerized in a mattress carton or on local moves zipped into a mattress cover.
Cardboard isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s actually more durable than it looks, so don’t cover all of your boxes in plastic. Just make sure they are all taped up tight, and move them from the house to the truck quickly. Movers can’t carry plastic covered anything, it is slippery, especially if wet, and would be prone to causing injury. 

3. Protect your floors

Floors don’t like water and mud, and you won’t like the clean-up. Again, your reputable movers will most likely bring some items to put down on the floor for moving in the rain, but there’s no harm being ahead of the game.

Professional movers will bring several types of floor protection for wood, tile and carpeted surfaces. NEVER put down towels, blankets or tarps that can be tripped over and cause injury to people or personal property. Remember a mover can’t see his feet while he is carrying boxes and furniture.

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