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Winter is coming to NYC.

Having just come through a December with record high temperatures, we all knew that eventually winter would hit us hard to make up for allowing families to wear short sleeves on Christmas.

As temperatures now dip well below freezing, moving companies in NYC are gearing up for their cold weather moves.

While the winter is a great time to move – with cheaper home sales prices and the fact that it’s easier to secure your movers on your preferred date, there are still factors that need to be considered – and steps that should be taken beforehand – to make sure that your move goes off without a hitch.

Prepping your new home

Let there be light! (and heat!)

For the most seamless move, ensure that all utilities in your new home are set up and fully functioning before heading over. We suggest turning your heat one day prior to your move-in date to make sure that everything is in peak working order and that your new home is warm and cozy for your arrival. Nothing is worse than moving into a new, freezing cold home.

Clear your new walkways of snow and ice

To ensure that not only you and your professional NYC movers are safe but that your move will go off without a hitch, it’s highly recommended that you head on over to your new home and clear the walkways of any snow or ice (and put down salt or sand if necessary) the day before your move. If you aren’t moving locally enough to survey the premises beforehand, contact your agent or the property manager to check the walkways for you.

Clear your parking area of snow and ice

It’s also a very good idea to ensure that your driveway or designated parking spot for you and your moving truck is clear of any obstacles.


Prepping your old home

Clear all walkways, driveways and parking areas of snow and ice

Make sure that all areas you and your movers will be working are cleared of any snow or ice. Lay down salt or sand to avoid hazardous slippage.

Protect your floors

Don’t worry - professional moving companies will have the right supplies to protect your floors from all of the high traffic that will inevitably be moving in and out of the home.

Have hot beverages on hand

Brew up some hot chocolate, tea or coffee to have on hand for yourself, your family and your movers. With the frigid weather outside, everybody will be extremely appreciative for something to warm them up.


REMEMBER: Keep a close watch on the weather. Prepare your move accordingly, and make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car and all of the mobile numbers of your trusted New York movers.

Because it’s NY and we stick together.

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