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There are plenty of details to consider when relocating – not only where to go, but the logistics of getting there. From finding the place you want to live, whether it’s a tenth story apartment in Manhattan or a house on suburban Long Island, to securing home financing and hiring the right moving company, the logistics can seem overwhelming.

The key to success in moving is to glean clear insight into what needs to be done. This requires an organized checklist of priorities, laid out in the order they need to be accomplished in. Beyond this, however, is in finding the trustworthy people who work for the companies you’ll need to hire to assist you. Once you assemble your team of New York moving professionals, your move will fall into place.

 Steinway Moving & Storage has worked with a number of professional real estate agents who possess a high level of expertise. They help to find the perfect homes for their clients that meet the exact specifications they seek. But it’s more than that. When you work with Douglas Elliman, they understand that making a home purchase is an emotional as well as a financial investment. For many, it is the single largest purchase they will ever make. Keeping this in mind, they become partners in the home buying journey, working both for buyers, but also alongside them, bringing their years of experience to find, negotiate, and facilitate real estate deals.

“The easiest way to provide a successful move from start to finish is through trusted recommendations,” says Jack Macejka, relocation specialist for Steinway Moving & Storage in Brooklyn, New York."

The home buying process is a very personal experience and establishing a trust relationship with your vendors from the very beginning is a crucial part in making the process as easy as possible for the home buyer. When a vendor comes recommended, whether it be from a friend or family member, real estate agent, mortgage broker, or mover it immediately puts the customer at ease knowing they are in good hands.”

Macejka works closely with Michael Comandini, who is a part of the Comandini-Chowdhury team at Douglas Elliman. According to Macejka, Michael provides all of the essential qualities you are looking for in someone who is seeking an exceptional broker and those are outstanding communication skills, knowledge of the industry, and the unique quality of genuinely caring for his clients.

The missing piece to bring your relocation together is in your mortgage company. As a NYC moving company, Steinway Moving & Storage works closely with the professionals at Contour Mortgage to help their clients secure home financing. The folks at Contour Mortgage work closely with clients to help them understand the best options for their home loans needs. With fast turnarounds on pre-approvals, a potential homebuyer will be in a better position to buy that dream home.

With your relocation team in place, you are on your way to your dream home.

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