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All Things Brooklyn
All Things Brooklyn

Steinway Moving & Storage Guide To All Things Brooklyn

Born and bred in Brooklyn, we’ve been operating out of NYC’s most populated borough for over 90 years.

With our extensive experience as Brooklyn’s premier movers, we have an advantage when it comes to knowing the best of everything here.

From the best restaurants in Brooklyn to must-have pizzerias, to bagel spots and dazzling must-see’s, we aren’t just in the business of moving, we’re in the business of helping you get to know our beloved home.

Enjoy as we walk you through everything Brooklyn. From the basics of local delis to the must-knows of neighborhood quick facts and apartment styles, this is your guide to learning the ins and outs of this 70.82 square mile pocket of the greatest city in the world.

Welcome to Brooklyn.

Top Brooklyn Attractions
Check out some of NYC’s most popular attractions that call Brooklyn home.
Best Things to do in Brooklyn
Check out which pizza places, bars, bagels and more should be on your BK bucket list!
Coney Island
Find out what’s happening at the birthplace of the modern day amusement park.
Apartment Types
Learn about Brooklyn’s staple apartment types (and how much they typically go for!)
Popular Neighborhoods
Read about some of Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhoods!
The things you need to know about. Utilities, real estate offices, we’ve got you.